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Monday, June 30, 2014

Sylvan Learning Center - part 1: Card Choices

From Debris Hime to Quickdraw Dandy Warrior to Synchrocentric, whenever plants have had strong cards available, they have always been a powerful engine.  Konami has finally released a Plant Archetype consisting of cards that have characteristics of Monsters of other themes.  They have also granted the deck an array of combos that produces some of the most dominating fields the game has seen.  The only things keeping this deck from being the number one played deck in the Meta are the facts that the deck can serve up some of the WORST unplayable hands and that the learning curve for the deck is extremely high.  Unlike some of the other decks in the format, this deck is unforgiving and has no "I win" cards that can just be played from the hand or activated on the field such as Geargiagear with no prior setup.

In this series of articles, I would like to discuss how to improve the deck and its faults.  I would like to offer outside of the box ideas for card choices, combos, and useful interactions between the cards in this deck and other strategies in the current Meta.

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