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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Yugioh - Expected Meta for 3/1/2010 part 1

Welcome to another new format in Yugioh!  Just as in every new format, there will be tons of experimentation and tons of people falling back on old favorites.  Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure that meta will be GBs, LS and BWs for the next month or so.  Lets discuss some reasons why I feel this way.
Gladiator Beasts -
  Since Konami felt the need to utterly destroy all of the previous draw engines and advantage engines in the game (ie allure, ddraw, CotLB), GBs now have the capability to keep up with anything this meta throws at it.  I can forsee defense heavy builds packing trip Book, dprisons, and smashing grounds putting in a lot of work.  I think these builds will forego Prisma in favor of pure GBs with rescue cat to make Secutor or Samnite live at the most opportune times.  This will mean low monster counts with trip Proving Ground.  It's really a shame that mind crush got limited because now the slowest deck of last format now has the best tutor in the game. 
  Any deck that has to set monsters or runs Battle Recruiters are going to get destroyed.  This is the reason that Grave Keepers, X Sabers, and other that need time to set up are not going to do so well.  Many people just don't remember how dominant GBs were right after Dark Armed Return was killed.  Even with one Bestiari, Gyzarus Spamming is quite easy and savvy GB players will always have a book of moon or My Body as a Shield to prevent Besti from getting bottomless'd.
  Finally, in order to beat glads, you are going to need a strong side deck.  I would suggest Mirror of Oaths, Royal Oppression (if you aren't maining them already), and Dust Tornados.  Royal Decree won't do much to stop Book of Moon and it also lets Besti put in major work with no fear.  I'm going to test Malevolent Catastrophe because so far, every GB player i've faced turtles up behind 2 or more s/t per turn after Heavy Storm is played.
  Next time, we'll discuss my reasons that Lightsworn will STILL be a pain in everyone's ass this format.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

B.S. Alert!!!

Unfortunately, our locals waited to long to order product for the sneak peek...  So we are looking for ways to obtain a sneak peek playmat for our case bust.  This also means, that we won't have access to the new promo or other cards right away.  If you get ahold of any GK Priestess' or other GK cards, let me know...I'll trade good for them, as well as the sneak peek mat.


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