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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Do you really need to run 3 MST? Part 1

I want to explore a concept that I have been messing around with.  In the last few years, there have been many decks that have chosen to forgo Spell based Spell/Trap removal, namely Mystical Space Typhoon.  Consider this:  The decks that you actually want spell and trap removal against, run in excess of 10 traps and they happen to set multples on their first turn.  In your opening hand staring down a Fire Fist Bear with 4 set cards, how many of those 6 cards do you actually want to be Mystical Space Typhoon?

Monday, January 20, 2014

Analyzing Hieratic Dragon Rulers from ARGCS Nashville

Whether it be over representation or the fact that the deck is that good.  Hieratic Rulers made a good showing at the event.  My only regret was that the pilots of the deck had just recently picked up Hieratics in general and had no background with the former versions of the deck.  In this article, I'm going to analyze my favorite list from the event, Chris Leblanc's Hieratic Ruler decklist.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Super Secret Secrets

I used to be like many of you and get upset when the high profile players come up with super secret strategies and refused to share them with the masses.  It used to annoy me that "I" was kept out of the loop.  What makes them so special that they feel that only the select few should be privy to such information?  The answer to the question is quite simple and depending on your reaction is the VERY reason why "YOU" are also kept out of the loop.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Usually, the beginning of a format means that there will be a plethora of really decks floating around in the competitive scene.  However, coming out of consecutive explosive formats, everything just seems so meh.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ninja Rulers

So Hieratic Rulers was a no go.  My next project is Ninja Rulers.  Before I show my deck, I'd like to know why "variants" of the deck are more acceptable to people who insist on playing decks that stand no chance in today's metagame.  I'd really like to know why people purposefully handicap themselves and hide behind empty catch phrases such as "auto pilot", "no skill", "OP", etc.  I am a competitive player.  I never run "standard" decks, but I always try to run decks that at least emulate what the best decks can do.  In this format and the previous few, the power levels of the decks released just do not allow "fun" decks to anything more than waste $7 at your local tournament, $20 at your regional, and $20 + travel/expenses at a YCS.  Just playing for fun is fine when you are with your buddies, but when it comes to competition, most people would actually like to COMPETE!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Undefeated Regional Report: 9 - 0 with Dubk-Dragons!

Hey guys, I'm pretty terrible at writing reports, so please bear with me.  Also, my memory is kinda fuzzy as I worked 10+ hours Friday, 6 Hours Sunday, and 13 hours today.

Friday Night:
On my way home from work, I'm agonizing about what to play.  I have every deck available between my own and teammates collections, but I've never been one to play straight up Meta Decks.  Once I get home, I'm dead set on playing Bujins and sleeve up my deck in Green Sleeves (favorite color btw).  I shower, get dressed, and head over Johnny's house at about 8pm to playtest and discuss theory-oh about the expected meta at Lenexa.  Generally, Lenexa, KS regionals are comprised of Kansas players, KC, MO players, STL players, some OKC and Denver players.  As you can see, trying to predict what to side for will be a nightmare.

Once I get settled in at my teammates house, I begin furiously playtesting Badjins and get roflstomped by Colossal fighter and MST repeatedly....FUCK THIS DECK (until LVAL..maybe).  Now once again, I'm super stressed about what to play.  One of my teammates say I should just run my Hieratic Dragon Ruler deck because of how easily the deck OTKs out of nowhere.  I remind him that the deck has ZERO natural outs to Ophion and loses completely to Emptiness and Crimson Blader.  Finally, I suck it up and rebuild my deck I posted on YouTube dubbed, "Summon Debris Dragon!"  As I'm sleeving it up in the Green Sleeves formally used by the Badjins, Johnny is organising his "Good" commons and comes across cards from the BEWD structure deck and flings Castle of Dragon Souls at me and says use this card and win all of the Yugiohs!  I read it, look at the 2 DDRs in my deck and immediately take 1 out for a copy of Castle.  Then I have an epiphany, IF I'm going to run bad cards, I might as well run several bad cards that I think are cool and see if I can sack some people.  I pull out a fresh pack of  White Sleeves because Badjins have ruined the color Green for me for awhile.  This is the list I sleeve up:

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