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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

New Monarchs, New Engine?

Much like the Destiny Hero engine being splashed in everything back in 2008 and beyond, we now have a new draw engine in the form Pantheism of the Monarch.  In case you aren't familiar, here is the card:
How could you possibly use this card as a draw engine in a deck NOT focused on Monarchs?   I imagine playing 3 copies of this card in conjuction with Tenacity of the Monarch, The Monarchs Stormforth, and the Prime Monarch.  Finding the right ratios will take some trial and error, but after seeing this deck place 5th at an event in Scotland, I'm sure there has to be something there.

One of the things that is discouraging is that the engine is rather large.  If I were to begin constructinng a deck using this as an engine, I would start with:

3 Ehther
1 Erebus
3 Edea
2 Eidos
3 Pantheism of the Monarchs
3 Tenacity of the Monarch
2 Monarchs Stormforth
2 Prime Monarch

That is 17 cards leaving some, but not much room to fit your win condition.  Obviously, since I'm dubkdad1, I'll be trying out Quickdraw.   Please leave your comments below with any ideas you may have about the idea of using these cards as an engine.

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