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Thursday, February 11, 2016

What is Fair?

My stance on the emergency limitations and restrictions is a s follows:

It is a sad thing to have numerous people acquire cards for a new deck and out of left field have that deck be neutered.  I do not fault the players for picking up what was an obviously degenerate deck and expecting to be able to use said deck for at least 2-6 months as has been the routine in the past.  I also do not fault Konami for having the foresight to nip this monster in the bud before things got worse.  It simply boils down to everyone taking an "L" and moving forward trying not to make the same mistakes.

There have been a few yugitubers making valid points about this, namely Glasgow Yugioh and MegaCapitalG.  I would add to their arguments that at the end of the day you have a few decision to make. Are you going to continue to play this game owned by a company who has historically been slow to heed the word of the competitive player base (a minority of the community)? Are you going to make more of an effort to reach out to the majority of the player base and convince them that tier zero formats are healthy (which I disagree with)?  Finally, if you continue to invest in the game, are you going to be adult enough to realize that like in any invest, a return on your money is not guaranteed and as a result, resign yourself to taking the occasional monetary loss like a true venture capitalist?

I stopped pouring money into this game some time ago.  I realized that as a company, Konami's interest is to make money and has legal obligation to do so for the sake of its shareholders.  As a result, the 1k - 1.5k attendees at any given event is pea its to the untold tens of thousands or so causal players who randomly buy packs from Walmart to play against their buddies at school or at the local coffee shop.  Seriously think about it. Short of sending weekly petitions to Konami with 1000's of signatures AND a business plan detailing how your ideas will not deter their cash cow from purchasing product but will also increase revenue significantly for their shareholders, there is not much else that will stop them from doing what they feel they must in the interest of said shareholders.

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