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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Testing Results with Monarchs using an Extra Deck part 2

Last time we talked about my thoughts and results using Monarchs as a Rank 5 and  Rank 8 toolbox.  My belief is that it increases the ceiling for an otherwise Linear deck enabling more plays and ending duels much faster than normal.

Monarchs 2 matches - 0

Oddly enough, this matchup went alot smoother than I expected and it in more ways than one validated my theory that relying on a Field spell is not a solid game plan.  The most important card in this match up is Volcasaurus.  If you can get your opponent to 3000 lp, you most certainly win the game if they control a mega monarch.  You get 2800 damage from killing the Monarch with Volc's effect, then when they go to use The Prime Monarch, you get 200 additional damage from the piercing damage of Gaia Charger.  I won all four games in this fashion and moving forward, this will be the way I approach every mirror match.  Stay alive until they get to 3k, play around Stormforth + Ehther, then burn for game.

Mermail 1 -1

This match up is all about getting the mermail player to go 1st and then picking apart their hand and field.  If you go 1st, you will almost certainly lose if you don't have Ehther + Stormforth.  Dweller is the devil in this match up, making Prime, and the grave effect of the Squires and Pantheism dead.  Not too mention, it makes Megalo and Gaios a Huge beatstick.  Needless to say, I lost the die roll match 1 and was forced to go 1st.  And even after dropping a turn 1 Erebus, The mermail player was still able to OTK me with just 5 cards.  I bricked game 3 with a hand of 3 Erebus, 2 Domain, and Stormforth to his field of Gaios + Equip + Anti-Spell Fragrance.

To sum it all up, my results prove to me at least that the deck is certainly viable if for nothing else, the sheer power of the Mega Monarchs and the amount of Damage you can do in one turn.  In my next article about Monarchs, I want to discuss an issue first brought up by Yugituber Glasgowygo in which he talks about alternatives to Edea/Eidos engine.  Stay tuned!

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