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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Testing Results with Monarchs featuring an Extra Deck

I went to a local card shop known for high caliber players to test my theory using an Extra Deck in Monarchs.  I played 8 Matches against 4 players using Draco and Pals, Kozmo, Monarchs, and Mermail.  I had very interesting results.

Draco and Pals 2 matches - 0

This match up is about breaking up their turn 1 board and keeping them off the board.  I never liked the idea of relying on Domain because of the variance of the field.  The field spell only helps you get over the big ships and other mega monarchs.  I would rather just beat them outright in a few turns.  In both matches I turn 3 OTK with a mega monarch + shark fortress.  I understand that you should be getting auto wins vs Pendulum based decks game 1 because of the field spell, but based on the past few Regional reports, Games 2 and 3 the field spell becomes a non factor.

Kozmo 1  - 1

This match up is about about abusing Stormforth and preventing Call of the Haunted on Destroyer.  I learned this quickly in Games 1 and 2, in Match 1.  While the name of the game is control the board with Majesty's Fiend, it doesn't stop Destroyer or Forerunner from running over you and getting otk'd shortly after even with the Prime Monarch chump blocking.  Game 2 I decided that I would save my Ehthers for use primarily on my opponents turn in conjuction with storm forth to prevent the pilots from tagging into big ships.  Then on my turn I can push for damage and set up for another Stormforth + Ehther play on their following turn.  It is a serious grind, but if you can prevent their big ships from running you over and lock down their call of the haunteds (Kuraz gives them more cards, but you nuke the calls and they only run 3).  Both games in Match 2, when I had my opponent down in cards I was able to safely drop Majesty's Fiend to seal the game.

In my next post, I'll talk about the Mirror Match and Mermail.

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