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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

This Week of Twitch.tv/dubkdad1 (2/4 & 2/5)

I want to thank all of the awesome coming out every Thursday and Friday 2pm MST. I've reached 100 followers on Twitch! If you didnt know I play Yugioh on DN as Dubkdadone, play awesome music, and chat with the viewers on the stream.  I invite everyone to request their favorite music, talk about their favorite topics whether it be politics, sports, anime, or whatever.  Also, when time permits, I have viewer duels that are password protected.  The passwords are selected by the viewers in the chat and only viewers from the stream get to challenge me.

This week, I want to talk to everyone about becoming competitive while using less competitive decks.  Specifically cards that you like.  A majority of my tops in the past have been with decks that may have included elements of decks, but were tailored to fit in cards that I enjoy playing.  To many this is not the way to compete in a large event, but for me, I lose interest really fast if I'm not having fun.  Also, if I can run my favorite cards while having fun, then it is definitely a win-win.  I'll be working on my new Synchro deck featuring a Monarch engine.  Sounds fun?  Be sure to tune in and help me work out the ratios for the build and watch me take on some people in rated matches.

Before I go, I'd like to ask that you consider helping me out to improve the quality of the stream and to obtain cards so that I might make a return to competitive play and eventually start travelling to events and meeting up with people again.  If you are interested please take time to visit my donation page.  Donations during stream get priority during viewer duels and other perks.  Thanks again and see you on Thursday!

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