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Thursday, February 11, 2016

This Week of Twitch.tv/dubkdad1 (2/11 & 2/12)

I'm changing my broadcast times to better reflect my hectic schedule.  Starting this week, I will be broadcasting from 10pm EST/7pm PST on Thursday and Fridays.  This change allows me to broadcast continually without the 2 hour intermission to fix dinner and deal with other "dad" type stuff in the evenings.
This week I'm very excited to begin playing the Phantom Knight archetype.  This archetype speaks to me in the same way Plant Synchro and Dragon Rulers did.  I love the deck's ability to make plays from the hand and graveyard.  I also love the way deck can generate advantage from comboing off.  The deck can pump out up 2 or more rank 3s off of 2 cards, it can search battle traps and themed fiendish chains and themed my body as a shields.  The deck can fight off otk attempts and can even otk itself.

My first step in making this deck a reality is to pick up the cards from Wing Raiders and to pick up the related cards such as Dante and other good dark Rank 4 XYZs.  After that, I'll need to test and test until I can find a solid build and hopefully, I can start competing in tier 2 events again.  Wish me luck guys!

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