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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

B.S. Alert!!!

Unfortunately, our locals waited to long to order product for the sneak peek...  So we are looking for ways to obtain a sneak peek playmat for our case bust.  This also means, that we won't have access to the new promo or other cards right away.  If you get ahold of any GK Priestess' or other GK cards, let me know...I'll trade good for them, as well as the sneak peek mat.



  1. I'm wanting to tweak my GK deck myself. If you end up selling or trading any of the new stuff, let me kno.

    GHB! (Game Haven Brotherhood)

  2. Wow that sucks you don't have a sneak. I got to my sneak too late and there weren't any packs left.

  3. i'll trade you my gravekeepers priestess and some other stuff for 2x prisma 1x stratos 1x x-saber airbellum 1x solemn judgement 1x goyo guardian and a mirror force ill buy them from you 2 you guyz are amazing by the way haha


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