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Monday, January 25, 2010

March 1, 2010 Banlist Discussion

I have been thinking about some really good changes to the banlist. Please refer to my website to see my thoughts. Then when you get the chance, leave a comment below and we can discuss it!



  1. Really? Brain Control banned? I agree with everything on that list except for that. If anything, its mind control that should be banned. I'd like to hear your thoughts on that.

    Other than that, this is pretty similar to the restricted list me and my team mates have cooked up ourselves. Except that DAD and JD are banned. DMOC never should have gotten banned in the first place. I would love to see it come back as well as RotA back up to two. Bringing it down to one was just plain stupid.

  2. I like Brain Control banned because it mitagates the snatch, attack, and tribute tactic. Mind control will only be ran by people who wish to synchro.


  3. Black Whirlwind should be Limited, since Black Feather Treasure will give Blackwings a themed "Draw 2" card in a few months.

    I'm not sure how I feel about CotLB at 2; I think I'd feel better if it were at 1, especially since you didn't touch Beckoning Light.

    My thoughts on RotA is that it should be at 1 if Stratos is legal. If Stratos was banned, it could go to 3.

    I can see why you Limited Stardust Dragon, but I don't think it's needed. Starlight Road isn't THAT good. In the OCG, players have already found ways around it, and it's not all that widespread. Besides, you probably won't be using more than 1 Stardust Dragon per duel, even with Starlight Road.

    I don't know why you Limited Dark Magician of Chaos, would you care to enlighten me?

  4. i would bring back dmoc and limit DDR, just add some of the combo oriented decks back to the mix. I think that with reborn gone, dim fusion gone, etc, and synchros rampant...it wouldn't be that bad now.

    I like Rota at 2 only because charge is so good. If charge would be at one, the obv Rota would have to be at one as well.

    This is all hypothetical, of course. But i would really like to see stardust go to one. Between starlight road, eccentric boy, SDAM, etc...the thing is just too good in my opinion.


  5. I like your reasoning for bringing back DMoC. Sounds like a good idea.

    I can see what you mean with Stardust Dragon, since it can be quite hard to get through a field backed with Stardust Dragon by itself. Not to mention the havoc SD/AM can bring upon. And I suppose that if you don't have a Stardust Dragon to spare, Starlight Road doesn't gain you the crazy advantage you would normally get.

    One more thing: I'm confused as to why you Limited Burial from a Different Dimension. With Mezuki at 1 and such, I wouldn't think that it needs a restriction.

  6. well with DMOC legal, and shutendoji still around i still see burial as a threat.


  7. So what would your main deck be under your list?
    Mine would be GBs still, yay for solemn.

    Also I agree to most of your picks bar stardust at 1. I myself am a SDAM fan, but limited seems a little harsh. Personally i'd want it a 2, but I understand your reasoning.

    I'm also interested at why chaos Sorcerer at 3, whats your resoning and ideas?

    Also what are your thoughts on Honest and Absolute Zero builds and how they avoided the list?

    Personally I'd hit them a little aswell.

  8. compared to synchros, sorc is weak. 2300 atk means nothing in the face of gale, stardust, monarchs, light monster + honest, etc. And speaking of honest, honest is only can be played around all day. LS makes it broken because of Beckoning Light which in my opionion should go to 1 as well. That one card gives LS an amazing hand where at first they had a crappy hand; turning the grave into a reverse toolbox. Recycling cards like honest and JD should come at a steeper cost or at least be difficult to pull off. Most LS wins are because they played beckoning. With one, chances are they will mill it.


  9. I'd like to hear your reasoning behind One for One being at two. I personally love the card, and think it would be great to see it bumped up to two; which would increase the amount of creative decks floating around. While it would be great, I don't think it would work out very well, haha. I do agree with you on the majority of everything though. I don't really see Brionac as too much of a problem however. It's mostly a big deal in Zombies, but with Mezuki back down, I don't think it's as much of an issue. I'd say at two would be reasonable. As far as Absolute Zero goes, I think it's mostly hype. It can't really OTK as fast as say Lightsworns or anything can, so I don't see it as a problem. I do think that ROTA back at two would be nice, and maybe E-call down to two as well. I don't really see Stratos as too much of a problem, having ran an Absolute Zero deck myself. It's pretty bad once he hits the field, but with everything out now, it's not so much of a problem. Personally, I'd like to see Tribe Infecting Virus make a comeback. It would break down a lot of meta decks and promote more creative stuff, although it could be a problem I suppose, haha.

  10. I see it very unlikely that Blackwings will be touched at all. From a marketing standpoint, Konami wants to hype and sell The Shining Darkness which has a lot of blackwing support. If they hamper the deck now, they hamper their sales of that pack. Blackwing Treasure is indeed a D-Draw for Blackwings, but a very conditional one (can't special, can only play 1, must remove a blackwing as a cost). Banning Brain Control would be healthy for the game as it takes away another avenue for a lucksack win just because you happened to top that card when you had no other outs. I'm all for RotA going back to two as it would allow for other decks to have some more searching power. What are your thoughts on leaving mezuki as is along with burial and banning plague instead and forcing zombies to use either diva or e-tele krebons (in this world DMoC is still bannded)? DMoC plus Burial in grave = broken plays. Last thing, some people have talked about Bestiari at 2 as a real possibility to bring a control/toolbox based deck back to the game as opposed to just more swarming shenanigans. Your thoughts on that?

  11. i really like ur idea for the next format. i hope that the next format will be one where more decks can shine, i think gbs are gonna get helped, only because konami wants to make money and having an ulti herk seems like they r tryin to get gbs back. i really hope Dmoc comes back if not that Magician of Faith. I also think it is very possible for BLS to come back. A very small chance, but it would be as good as it was. Now we have war chariot arkus and other cards that would help protect against it. With Chaos Sorcerer being an ultra now, chaos may be making a huge comeback.

  12. I can see chaos sorcerer getting unlimited, especially since it was the ultra for turbo pack 2, which means that Konami wants that to one of the money cards next format and what better way then to unlimit Chaos?

    I think bestiari will come back to 2 next format, since heraklinos was the ultimate for turbo pack 2. I can definitely see that card coming back to 2.

    yeah I agree with brain. It still tuners and is a game winning card. I have gone for game with that card so many times and have felt bad and pissed becuase the opponent said I only won becuase of luck and sacking. So yeah I can see that card banned.

    I only see Judgment Dragon getting hit. None of the other Lightsworn cards. but i could be wrong. We'll have to see.


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