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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My arguments against LP payments this format and upcoming formats

I'm running double MST in the main again. Its just far too useful to endphase nuke potentially problematic cards.
I no longer rely on trapstun in the main for one reason: Book of Moon. I don't like preemptively activating the card to run into book of moon. I don't want to "rely" on my trapstun stopping their torrential/BTH/MF...I'd rather nuke them outright. People are not so retarded as to set 4+ backrows as they were earlier in the format because BRD is a card and they fear Cold Wave Destroyer/BRD. Another thing, the OCG has done something that has really caught my attention as well as Navarro's attention. They have decided not to play solemn and warning. The best and most consistent way to win in this game is to drop your opponent's LP to Zero. Those cards assist in that venture. I'm not so scrubby as to not realize how amazing the two cards are, but when you consider how many times you have punished your opponent for putting themselves within OTK range by paying 2 - 4k LP, you begin to see why I don't like running those cards anymore. When you throw glow up bulb into the mix, then the otk's become even more ridic.


  1. i realized that as well in my country St.Lucia it is like ok like we did not see that coming. oh one more thing can u do a vid on a proper light deck which has light syhchros(if i spelled it right) cause i have the arcana force deck and then it became a crappy fairy deck with a lot of big sack monsters and i was thinking of putting a montage dragon in the mix what do u think? love ur vids NecroWolf007

  2. It's funny you bring up the risk of Solemn Judgement and Solemn Warning, because I just recently put together a deck that runs only six traps: Two copies of Magic Cylinder, three copies of Dimensional Wall, and one Ceasefire.

    Are these cards vulnerable to Mystical and Trap Stun? Yes.

    But I've had surprisingly good results in a format where players are playing both Solemn cards, so much so, that just two of these traps going off usually wins the game for me.

    In any case, nice read, Dubk.


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