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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Do you really need to run 3 MST? Part 1

I want to explore a concept that I have been messing around with.  In the last few years, there have been many decks that have chosen to forgo Spell based Spell/Trap removal, namely Mystical Space Typhoon.  Consider this:  The decks that you actually want spell and trap removal against, run in excess of 10 traps and they happen to set multples on their first turn.  In your opening hand staring down a Fire Fist Bear with 4 set cards, how many of those 6 cards do you actually want to be Mystical Space Typhoon?
If you have ever ran a deck like Chaos Dragons, Dragon Rulers, Monster Mash, or even Agents you know that using your monsters effectively work just as well as having Spell and Trap removal.  The key to decks like these is know that at any given point, there can only be so many Summon Response traps.  This format we generally only have Warning, Bottomless, and Torrential Tribute (with a fringe few running Black Horn of Heaven and Chaos Trap Hole).  Next, these players know that there only so many battle response traps:  2 Mirror Force and 2 Dimensional Prison in addition to other cards that can be used during the battle phase like Fiendish Chain, Enemy Controller, and Book of Moon.

The idea of being able to freely throw expendable monsters into backrow is what made Dragon Rulers, Chaos Dragons, Plants (synchro-centric), and wind-ups so good in their prime.  Those decks did not necessarily need backrow removal to make plays and could easily absorb multiple backrow cards in a single turn costing the opponent valuable resources in the process while actually wasting none of your own.

In the upcoming articles, I'd like to explore baiting backrow with access to removal and designing your deck to withstand copious amounts of traps.

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  1. MST I feel is now needed to break up strong field or continuous spells or lockdown cards.


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