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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Satellite Membership of Team DKF!!!

Hey everyone! Stay tuned, I'm going to Saint Louis, Missouri to recruit our very first Satellite Member of Team DKF!!! Members will get use the Team Channel and our banners to make their trade proofs and videos. If you would like to be considered for membership, leave me comment below and tell me a little bit about yourself and why you should be a member of Team DKF!!! Remember, aznpersuasion2008 and I must meet you in person and get to know you before you can be confirmed as a member of team.



  1. I would like to be a member of Team DKF because I just love the group dynamic that your team has. You all are very close and that would be amazing to experience and also I think it would be good to have other advanced players to discuss crazy deck ideas, strategies and just have team support :]

    -MrCaffeine11 on YouTube

  2. i think me and my team would like to be part of dkf screw in the USA were talking all the way to britain here make DKF a transnational team instead :D

  3. t think that you guys should get a group of guys that are in every state....i could be the one from iowa.....also take a look at my new dragon deck

    -iolan9999 from youtube

  4. Hi, i would like to join your team as well. i am a very successful when it comes to deck making ideas and i am also a pretty good duelist. although i am not the best i can still get the job done i am from mobile, alabama.

    -imoore1986 from youtube

  5. Hello guys I'm a fan of y'all 4 awhile now. I was just trying to become a member of the team. I like building unique decks and trying out wacky ideas. I am a pretty good duelist and just want to show what i can do. I am also from Mobile, Alabama and my teammate is the guys above me. So let me know whats up.

  6. Yeah guys i'm the above post and my youtube name is....

    Caius04 from Youtube


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