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Monday, July 12, 2010

10,000 Subscriber Special and New Collectable Item

I'm 900 subs away from 10,000 subscribers.  I am working on something really incredible for the special.  When I first started this yugitube thing, I always tried to be different and innovative.  I can guarantee that my 10k sub video will be something you (probably) haven't seen before.  I will be performing a spoken word performance called, "The Ballad of Don Zaloog - Part 1."  This will be the 1st video in a series of the tale of Don Zaloog and the Dark Scorpions.  I'll give you a sneak preview:

"Don said to Vayu with a dark stare
You stupid Mufucka I - don't - care!
5 Fingers in my face, you can't see me
Scorpions will wreck yo shit, like Raigeki
Vayu simply pulled out a phone and dialed
Looked at Donny then cracked a smile
Suddenly Donny's cell chirped in a familiar way
His stomach dropped, it was Menae..."

All of this will be to a hot beat...so stay tuned for it and help me get to 10k subs.

Finally, I am collecting Ancient Fairy Dragons, I would prefer that if you send them that you sign it with your YouTube username.  I am also willing to trade for them as well.  Thanks for your support, peace!

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