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Monday, August 16, 2010

Gencon and Yugioh...the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly! part 1 - the Good

I was gonna make a video about this but it would cause such an uproar so I decided to comment about it on my blog.  To protect the innocent (and the not so innocent) I will not use names.

The Good:
The amount of people who were there who just wanted to have a good time enjoying their favorite past time was amazing.  Never before have I felt so proud of being a TCG geek.  I never knew that there were so many different trading card games in existence.  From Naruto to Yugioh to some pirate based card game and even some sports related TCGs, it was just unreal.  I was also filled with joy to meet up some fellow yugitubers like Achram93, Pozjoker, xxGenexKidxx, etc.  It always feels good when I attend such events and people stop me and ask for my autograph or want to take pictures with me.  Two really incredible moments stand out the most.
 The 1st was the day we got to the Hotel, there was a young kid LIVING there with his mother who also just happened to play Yugioh with his friends.  Out of the corner of my eye, I had seen him flitting about through the lobby staring at us.  Finally his mother and he came up to me and asked if I was Dubkdad1.  I said yes and the little boy lit up.  You see, it was his birthday and meeting me was like the best thing to have happened to him in a long time.  His mother explained there situation to me and for the next couple of hours we sat down and chilled with the lil guy and made some videos for his facebook account.
  The other thing that stood out to me about that weekend occured while I was standing in line to pre-register.  This older gentleman (lol at me saying that) approached me and asked if he and his son could take a picture with me.  He went on to explain how, just like I, began playing Yugioh to be closer to his kids.  He also mentioned that I was his son's favorite Yugituber and his Yugioh hero. 
  These kinds of experiences are the reason why keep on making videos and try my hardest to be an upstanding member of the Yugioh community.  Obviously I want to profit from the game, but it is also important to note that I enjoy the sheer fun of dueling.  I am continuously humbled from the outpouring of love shown to me whenever I attend Yugioh related events.  Hopefully one day, I can do something of significance to repay my "fans."

Stay tuned for "the Bad"...


  1. That why your One of a Kind Dubk, you care about the Game and Care about the Community,If there was a Hall of Fame for YugiTuber you are def in for sure,you will get my vote.

  2. i would give that vote as well. I don't get to meet many black players where i live and some friend give me a hard time about playing this hobby. so i respect ur ideas and hope you get that 10k subscribers.

  3. respect gets people really far and I know you're gonna get really far so just wait for the moments


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