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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gencon and Yugioh...The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly! part 2 - The Bad

Previously, I wrote about the wonderful things about this game and the event I attended.  I wish that I could say that everything was all gravy baby, but I cannot.  I must first apologize for taking so long to post part 2 of this story, but I was seething with so much anger, I wanted to craft my words carefully.

As I once said, being a TCG nerd is awesome.  But it seems that accomplished players seem to forget that winning at a Children's card game makes them no less a nerd than myself.   There was this incident involving a well known player from California, was approached by some kids wanting nothing more than a signature on their mat and possibly trade a few cards.  This person did not appear to be incredibly busy (he was sitting at a table talking with a few other of his arrogant friends), but for some reason he could not be bothered to obliged the two little guys' request.  Had this been Game Day (Saturday of the YCS), then I would be more understanding, but NO this was Friday afternoon for Christ's sake. 

This well known player and his entourage just happened to be staying in the same Hotel we were staying in.  Dcarlos was just convinced that he was such a cool guy and couldn't understand why so many people were annoyed by him.  It wasn't until it was brought to his attention that this person was talking really bad about my Team as a whole, that he began to see the light.  I do not think that this person realized that I had befriended everyone in the hotel and that his casual remarks would be relayed back to me in one way or another. 

According to this person, my Team trash simply because we think we are better than everyone.  You see, being a good person will make other people hate you.  Being kind and friendly to anyone who approaches us is the equivalent of spitting on them.  Do you see where I'm going with this?

Not related to the player from California, is another issue that was really bad.  FANBOYS!

I do not mind signing a playmat.  I do not mind doing interviews.  And I really don't mind playing a match for YouTube.  But seriously, if you see that members of Team and myself are just trying to relax, let us say eating lunch.  Please don't come up to us asking to trade or anything Yugi related.  We are people too, everyone needs just a bit of personal space.  I really like going to the restroom alone.  I really like to eat without someone sitting across from me staring into my mouth counting how many chews until I take another bite.  To sum up this rant, I'll simply say:

There is a difference between arrogance and pride.  There is also a difference between wanting to a little peace and quiet and just plain rudeness.


  1. I'm just going to throw this out there that I believe you I know who you are talking about. Just a side note, check his eBay store. 30 negative feedback in about a week from just plain blowing off people and never delivering the goods. Sad to see. I agree with you entirely. The group I play in tear apart the young ones at locals because they do not spend the same time and money we do playing, but we take the time to help them with their decks and strategies and make the game better for everyone.

  2. I fully understand you Dubk some people are just ignorant. Your are a cool guy and some people gotta say your are a person and need there Space. Your not trying to push them away but not trading,talking or anything else you just need time for yourself and be with your Team. Don't worry bout those Peep Dubkdad i know being a Good person you will get some haters,but try not those people bother you too much cause I know from a Fact you a Good Person,Great Duelist and Most Important a Great Father. Even though i am done with the Game, i am always going to show Luv and Support to you and your Team-Vato00721


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