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Friday, September 10, 2010

New Series and a New Episode of Protips for BKs!

I was just wondering how many people would be interested in a series of videos dedicated to Quickdraw Plants and other Quickdraw variants.  Quickdraw is my favorite card right now, and I just feel it deserves more attention. 
I'm also announcing the return of Pro Tips for BKs.  In my next episode, I'm going to be discussing conflicting cards in detail.  There are way too many people who have been playing this game in a very linear way and will not step outside the box.  As a result, they have remained simply casual duelists.  A perfect example of this would be people who don't understand how you can run Pot of Duality in Light Sworn or X Sabers and to a further extent, Royal Oppression in Gladiator Beasts.
Let me know your thoughts, leave a comment below.


  1. please make more pro tips for bks cause I know that i have been a very linear player and would like to expand my horizons

  2. ouch. if one of my team mates saw this, he'd slap you. lol. he himself doesn't think that pot of duality will affect either deck; he thinks it slows them down. oh well. As I always say, you play and bitch until you get your ass kicked. I like to call those duels "wake the fuck up and open your eyes" duels. I have had about, lets see, over ten of those which helped me to strive on to bigger and better things. now I have three different decks that all splash Dark Simorgh.

  3. I would LOVE to see a quickdraw dedicated series. Im running quickdraw this format and dont know how to use it to its full potential. Also im not sure on what cards to have in my extra deck and side deck. Plus on how to beat pesky decks that eaily belabor quickdraw like glads. If you could do a series like mkohl40s gadgets i would greatly appreciate it. Grats on the top and quickdraw FTW!

  4. I would second that oppinion. I would like to see a quickdraw series as well. I really enjoy running quickdraw, its a really fun deck to run, but i dont know how to use it so well. I am getting destroyed by inferinites, glads, etc. Im tired of these decks beating me and want my revenge lol. My best friend runs glads and everytime we face off he 2-0s me and doesnt let it down. I just wanna be able to stand my ground and maybe get my first top at regionals. I know this deck will get me my top i just need some extra help so if you could make a series for it i would greatly appericiate it!!!!

  5. I would like to see a duel between dubkdad1 and johny

  6. I like the idea about Quickdraw Series. It's good to see such a strange and fun deck doing well in the current meta honestly.

  7. id love to see a quickdraw series it my fav deck i played it when i first heard about it but then i lost the deck and got it back i just cant get passed bk and gb and x-saber cause i cant get my side to work for me

  8. wat people need to understand is there are so many people who play for dun just leave them be the for real players need too listen dubkdad an amazing player and pro like te rest of his team i hav played them beeffore and one some lost some im young but i understand tha pot of duality is the reason its there is too set u up for the game winning play like getting stupid good cards faster too win and Oppression in glads or x-saber anything really if u knw how too play it well im caleb im a member of TEAM BOOM and we will be in texas on the 9 and we all plan too top so if u fell like get destroyed come

  9. i haven't played competitively for years, partly due to monetary concerns. i need videos and blobs like yours to relearn all that i have forgotten. i don't care what you do, but do more!


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