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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Yugioh -- The Multi Dimensions, by Sharxfan20

In recent years, the development, complication and perhaps questionable direction and course of the game we know and love has become increasingly composite and multifaceted. The many dimensions of the game have and continue to expand; a single sided, uniform game is what began. Today's article discusses what the game of Yu-Gi-Oh was like in its embryonic stages, how the shift of ownership has affected the game, and what the multidimensional game of today is like, and conceivably, what the direction of the game is headed towards in the near future.

Any player of the past will tell of drastic changes since then. In the beginning, Beasts, a type of deck for beatdown, Spellcasters manipulating counters and Magic cards. Rock, Dragon, and Pyro, among others all being their own unique type, equipped with their own unique abilities. There was not a fathom of doubt that mixing attributes, types and abilities would lead to success. Cards that revolutionized their times: Morphing Jar, Sangan and Witch of the Black Forest were created for their own respective deck. This "law" held until cards became "splashable." Cards could be added into decks that didn't belong.

Furthermore, these cards harmonized other decks, giving them more upsides not previously available.
Let us fast forward a few years. A card believed to have turned the game upside down is Breaker, the Magical Warrior. The first card with a solid attack stat and a benefice effect; it was so good for its time it was limited, and subsequently banned. Today, cards like Breaker, Thunder King and other roam freely in our decks. Even a card with 2000 attack (Gene Warped Werewolf) and no effect is in existence.
Overall, the game has changed, taken leaps and bounds in all directions, adding dimensions that question the way we play the game. Synchros have come to be, Rituals, Fusions and combination of the two have all radically given the game a new perspective. While that may be true, we shall save that for another day.

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