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Monday, December 27, 2010

What to expect for 2011!

A new year and a new way of doing things!

For 2011, I plan to have a more structured approach to how I YugiTube:
- Videos will be uploaded on a schedule
- Once a month, I will feature a subscriber's channel (these will be done without the knowledge of the subscriber, so don't ask for a feature)
- Once a month, I will post a new video in the series, "Because Dubkdad said so".  A sort of Q&A/Rant on anything that is remotely related to Gaming.
- Once a month, Team DKF!! will return to blogTV.
- More hype for our team channe, Team DKF!!!

These are the major changes you will see on my channel in the New Year.  Be on the lookout for other changes.  As always, thank you so much for your support.  It's because of all of you, that I continually try to make entertaining and informative videos.


  1. Finally! Now I don't have to keep guessing if there is gonna be a new video or something.

  2. How about some vids with decks utilizing 3 tunings lol.

  3. oooooh! more of the old fart and his cronies... Yay!!!


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