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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Baby Stardust Dragon

Is it just me or does Debris Dragon look like a baby Stardust Dragon?

YuGiOh 5D's Duelist Pack Yusei 2 Single Card Debris Dragon DP09-EN004 Common
Notice the bubbles on the chest and arms.  Also, the wing structure is very similar to one another.  I just found this to be very cool.

If you know of any other cards that are similar to another, leave a comment below.  If I get enough interesting comments, I'll feature them in a video.


  1. white stone of legend could be a blue-eyes egg. lol.
    mist valleys have a lot of bigger versions. thunder bird digivolved to apex avian. baby rock digivolves to roc from the valley of haze, which i guess is technically a mist valley. lol.
    the zombie versions of cards, like ha des and revived king ha des.
    miracle flipper and dark magician.
    card ejector and dark magician girl.

    thats all i got.

  2. Baby Dragon and Thousand Dragon lol

  3. This is slightly off topic, but has anyone noticed that some Insect monsters have the same 'swirly pattern' on them.
    Take 'Anteatereatingant' and 'Chainsaw Insect' as some examples. More insects like them are found in the SOI (shadow of infinity) set.

  4. well that's the stardust family for ya D:
    let's see, what about
    gigobyte (also appears as the water charmer's summon) who becomes ...
    gagagigo -shitload of appearances on other cards. apparently is the friend of marauding captain and sworn enemy of freed the brave wanderer, gets dprisoned and compulsed like mad. and kozaky eventually uses his 'level conversion lab' to transform him into ...
    giga gagagigo who becomes ...
    gogiga gagagigo ... end of story

    there are also other stories about ygo monsters told via card artworks. best example would be the stories of warrior lady of the wasteland and warrior dai grepher. just investigate a lil bit on ygo wikia, it's quite interesting.

  5. Well.. if ind it to be more of a chibi version rather than baby :P

  6. blue rose dragon is a baby Black Rose Dragon. its body is mainly blue

  7. gigo, gagagigo, giagagagigo, and gogiagagagigo! basically just tiny reptile going through his little emo life!


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