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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pictures From YCS Dallas

Here are some pictures that I took from YCS Dallas.  More will be added as the weekend comes to a close.

Danny 60th, Johnny 68th, and Dubkdad1 73rd.

Chris Bowling and the Yugioh Price Guru.  This brotha flew all the way from London to smash face in Yugioh!

Dcarlos holding it down for Team DKF!!! getting the YCS Prize Cards!

Witness a couple Grand worth of cash, Prizes, and Merchandise we picked up in trades and sales.


  1. wow u got that fabled beast sync cool and that archlord

  2. You were in a feature match. Too bad you lost it D:

  3. dud you guys are good mabe when you have the chance we should duel over skype

  4. WOW. You guys are just Plainly AMAZING/.


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