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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Ballad of Don Zaloog, Part 1; Chapt 1

This is the Ballad of Don Zaloog, explicit lyrics
Goodie goodies, and kids shouldn’t hear this.

Now follow me as weave this epic journey

Cliff, Gorg, Chick, Meanae, and Donny Z.

Murderous, thieving, thugs who just don’t give a shit:

They are the Dark Scorpion Clique.

He's Don the leader of ‘dis Crew.

There ain’t no job or scheme that he can’t do.

If you just pulled that, he's gotta have it!

They're multipurpose, 7 Tools of the Bandit!

When they come, they hoppin Labryinth walls and fenses.

Cliff here, can defeat all those defenses.

Trap dustshoots, Needle Ceilings and Walls

My man, Gorg’s got the biggest Balls

He just stole the Flute of Summoning Dragon

But he don’t much boastin and braggin.

Now the boy, Chick, is a muthafuckin trip.

Scary as hell and always talking shit.

Finally the one they adore,

Yo, Gorg, who's at the door

5 tiny figgas lookin like feathered n….

“Tell Zaloog we got something he might have lost.

If he wants it back, well that shit’s gon’ cost.

Bring our Master the Charm of Shabti

And he can have back his precious property

Gorg yelled,” Yo boss, I think you should hear this

You lil black chickens, done got me real pissed!

This shit you talking sounds weak and boring.

So take heed to this Solemn Warning…

They said, “Anyway, take this note and photo of the Great Stele

Follow all these instructions with no Delay.

If you don’t…You’ll never see Meanae."

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