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Friday, April 22, 2011

Where are the Good Yugitubers?

Just want to express my extreme disgust at the quality of Yugitube right now.
What the FUCK is your problem?  Another duel vid, trade binder, six sam decklist, really?  Take a few moments and put some effort into your video.  I was raised with the belief that anything worth doing was worth doing right.


  1. Duel videos are cool I prefer them over trade binder and decklist videos. Dub we are in the same age bracket (I'm 41) so you should know that what I'm about to say is the truth. Criticizing other Yugi-Tubers isn't going to make them step their game up. Setting an example will. You have to focus on producing consistent and high quality content before you should start being critical of the crap that anybody else decides to churn out. I enjoy just about everything you put out but let's try to take the high road and stop the mudslinging. After you set the bar endorse those that try to match your standards instead of endorsing any and everybody like a facebook hoe. I'm not accusing you of anything or saying that your content isn't good but you should be critical of yourself first and when you are perfect you can say "Here is something for you all to aspire too." So stop being mad young man...

  2. what we need more of is entertainment. we need more laughs and above all else, we need more fun period.

  3. actually i dont stick with the original and i put a lot of hard work in my videos maybe some people like it or maybe no body likes them all that matter is i am proud of the work i do i and once its put up i know i did a good job period

  4. I don't like watching yugioh duels on youtube and I bet some people do so just because you don't like something don't mean everyone else has to


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