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Friday, July 15, 2011

Yugioh Jargon 1 - Words and Phrases not found in the Manual

Hello friends.  To some of you who have been playing this game a short while have often sat nearby while two veterans are going at it and heard them exclaim or mutter words and phrases that obviously have relevance to the game, but the meaning of such totally escapes you.  Or sometimes you observe many people using the same manerisms or gestures.  I will try to define and bring to light many of these things to you to help you fit in with the vets in this series of Blog posts.

In this first chapter, we are going to cover some the most commonly used words and phrases.  They will be listed and defined in no particular order as I'm just typing this up from the top of my head.  Here we go:

MST : Mystical Space Typhoon

ECon : Enemy Controller

TGU : Tourguide of the Underworld

Mill : Sending cards off the top of your deck to the graveyard

Spin : Sending a card from the field to the top of the deck.  eg Raiza, the Storm Monarch or Phoenix Wing Wind Blast effect.

Sacky : Something that is terribly inconsistent but totally amazing if and when it can be pulled off. eg. you normal summon sangan, play call of the haunted on Dandylion, then play monster reborn on your opponents BW Gale...synchro summon Trishula.

Sacked : A series of plays that in normal conditions or statistically would never happen.  eg.  You have stardust dragon your side of the field, with solemn warning set, effect veiler in hand, and 4100 life points.  Your opponent has no cards in hand with just 500 life points left.  He draws pot of avarice for his turn.  Plays it, draws 2 cards...Enemy controller and Glow up bulb.  He sets glow up, plays enemy controller taking Stardust, mills Zephyros off the top card for Glow Up.  Uses zephyros effect and takes 400 damage to special summon it from the grave and return Glow Up to the hand.  You could solemn warning but you would still lose to from the Stardust Attack.

This is just a short list.  There are more to come so stay tuned!


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  2. I like it. Another old school term for ya here: WAM--Weak As Mokuba: possibly the worst insult you can throw at someone; it implies the player is just starting out. In my book, its worse than noob


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