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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Yugioh Jargon 2 - Words and Phrases not found in the Manual

Last week we talked about commonly used phrases and gestures used by competitive players and what they mean.  Let's continue looking at some more phrases that were not brought up last time:

Neg (#) - short for negative. It refers to a loss in card advantage through a particular play made you or your opponent.  For instance, You summon Kageki, then Special Summon Kagemusha with effect.  You opponent activates Torrential Tribute when Kagemusha hits the field, thus dealing you a Neg 1.  He expended his one card (Torrential) for your two cards (Kageki and Kagemusha).

Plus (#) - This is quite the opposite of "Neg".  In the earlier mentioned example where one player went Neg 1, the other player in effect went Plus one.

Card Advantage - The basic form of card advantage is having more cards in hand and on field than your opponent.  I say basic because if you control a field of a used Breaker, Green gadget, face down mirror force and facedown Mystical Space Typoon while you opponent has only a Stardust Dragon on the field. You don't necessarily have the advantage for obvious reasons relating to the abilities of Stardust Dragon.

Next time, lets take a look at some gestures and possibly other phrases used in competitive play.

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