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Thursday, January 12, 2012

In-Game Scenario - Too Many Backrow

Step by step:
1) Set Reaper > hope they don't have the Skill Drain.  If I set sangan they could potentially plus too hard off of Horn. If I summon TKR and they have D Prison or Warning, I am super vulnerable.  I would not storm right away because I lose to Starlight Road at this point, and I have no follow up play.
2) If Reaper lives til my turn > Summon TKR and see if they have the Bottomless/Warning, if not Smashing Ground on Rhino and they are now down a card and since TGs play low monster counts I control the board and can now shift Reaper into atk mode and Poke for Damage.  I wouldn't attack with TKR because D Prison would allow them to End Phase search for Rhino.  If they Warning or Bottomless TKR then I pass turn using Reaper to stall additional turns allowing me to draw into big combos.
3) I would forgo setting Sangan at this point and summon it to XYZ summon for Zenmaines if TKR was Warning'd or Number 20: Giga Brilliant if it were Bottomless'd.  Depending on their actions here I could then get aggressive to force backrows knowing that I can now follow up with 2 new cards + Storm and Chaos Sorcerer.

Let me know what you think down below.


  1. I never thought of the difference between going for zenmaines or brilliant pending on what happened to tkro. I can honestly say that seems to me the best possible play. At least looking at it i wouldn't have changed anything :)

  2. he goes giga because if tkro gets bottemlessed he has no lights in the grave for sorceror. so thats a smart move even if the other face down is a warning and gets baited out with an exceed summon to allow for the sorceror summon.so with this approach i guess we have accounted for 2 of the three face down cards.im still a favorite of using the heavy now :)

  3. i would go leviair if it got bottomed

    1. And what if they had skill drain? The point is to drop your sorc

  4. I'd set Reaper, then Heavy. If Road goes then smash. If not sit on Reaper. This is all going based off of Skill Drain a card that a oh so dread. All other First turn play's wouldn't be as viable as the set, pass, go Reaper. Especially Chaos vs Skill Drain. I say this because a set reaper is okay against set warn/prison, but summoning is different. TKRO is a power card for Chaos against TGSD lose that and GG.


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