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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Skill Test Decks

Use these decks with the corresponding number during the "Skill Test"

Skill Test #1 = Weenie Warrior XYZ/Synchro Spam


  1. When is this going to start? Sooooooo excited for it

  2. Hmm, not actually sure what some of these cards are... ;S

  3. Hey, could we get a card name list,the pictures are hard to read?

  4. Monsters x 19
    2 x Gigantes
    1 x Zubaba Knight
    2 x Key Man The Key Warrior
    2 x Marauding Captain
    1 x Boost Warrior
    1 x Shine Knight
    1 x Junk Defender
    1 x X-Saber Pashuul
    1 x Spell Striker
    1 x Goblin Attack Force
    2 x Warrior Lady of the Wasteland
    1 x D.D. Warrior
    1 x Goblindbergh
    1 x Exiled Force
    1 x XX - Saber Fulhelmknight

    Spells x 10
    2 x Pot of duality
    1 x Reinforcement of the Army
    2 x The Warrior Returning Alive
    1 x Bait Doll
    1 x XYZ Energy
    1 x Synchro Blast Wave
    1 x Creature Swap
    1 x Wiseman's Chalice

    Traps x 11
    1 x Mirror Force
    1 x Reinforce Truth
    1 x Dust Tornado
    1 X Needle Ceiling
    2 x Defense Draw
    1 x Raigeki Break
    2 x Bottomless Trap Hole
    1 x Trap Hole
    1 x Limit Reverse

    Extra x 15
    1 x Gachi Gachi Gantetsu
    2 x No 17: Leviathan Dragon
    1 x Gem Knight Pearl
    1 x No 39: Utopia
    1 x No 10: Illumiknight
    1 x Amrory Arm
    1 x Magical Android
    1 x X-Saber Wayne
    1 x Gaia Knight, the Force of Eath
    1 x Black Rose Dragon
    1 x Psychic Lifetrancer
    1 x Stardust Dragon
    1 x Red Dragon Archfiend
    1 x Mist Wurm

  5. Just a thought, maybe we should have a Side Deck to work with as well?

  6. So what exactly is this skill test thing? I've just been informed of this deck's existence now but I have no idea what you actually do for this skill test

  7. It is simply. Two players build the deck and square off. Who ever is the better player will make great/creative combos and plays and most likely will be victorious.


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