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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Geargia Guide Book #1 - First Impressions

I have finally found a deck that rivals Synchrocentric in the way it has a plethora of plays that can offset your opponent while still retaining card advantage. The fact that the deck has 2 and 3 card OTKs is just icing on the cake.  Synchrocentric could never OTK on the first turn unless you were holding a few limited cards.  The ability for this deck to switch from passive to aggressive at the drop of hat catches so many opponents off guard that many times you can game them from just overwhelming there resources.

For this first installment of the "Geargia Guide Book" I'd like to point out that I feel that the Karakuri and Machina variants are equally good.  They have similar plays, except Machinas have the ability to randomly drop a 2500 beater from nowhere and OTK with limiter while Karakuris synchro spam for an OTK.  The build you run is going to depend on your playstyle.  Machina, I feel is better for the aggressive player.  The deck can just push through damage and absorb backrows every turn while still having the option to summon Machina Fortress as a follow up.  Machinas can also make the most of Gear Gigant X.  Searching for multiple copies of Gearframe is a devasting advantage play.  My only problem with the Machina version is that I always draw my Fortresses before I ever see 1 Gearframe.

The Karakuri version of the deck is more suited for the conservative player.  I have always been a conservative player and this fits my style to a T. Opening with Geargiarmor gives me goosebumps every time.  I always feel like I'm going to win if I can get 2 successful flips of Geargiarmor.  With 2 Geargiaccelerators in hand and a Geargiarmor on the field, I can essentially OTK without losing any card advantage.  Finally, the amount of flexibility the deck offers for Traps, since you don't have to run the full Machina engine (6+ cards), and the flexibility to run cards like Macro Cosmos in the sidedeck without harming your main plays in the deck is just amazing.

Comment below with your initial thoughts about the deck.  Next installment, I'll talk about what cards I feel are necessary in both variations of the deck.

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