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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Geargia Guide Book #2 - New Toys!

I've been convinced to play the Machina version of Geargia.  As much as I LOVE the Karakuri version of the deck, Effect Veiler and Maxx "C" put in so much work against that deck.  I'd rather have a consistent game than one or two big shots for an OTK.
Right  now I'm looking at ways to improve the build and trying to figure out which XYZ monsters would be best.  This is the current build:

Some interesting things you'll probably notice in the maindeck

  • Pot of Duality.  Since I'm not trying to go H.A.M. as often, Duality lets me get to my two most important cards in the deck, Geargiarmor and Machina Gearframe, as soon as possible!  They were originally Cardcar Ds but after further testing, I really hated using the normal summon AND skipping the Battle Phase.
  • Snowman Eater.  Most people will suspect right away that you are running Geargiarmor if you summon a Gearframe first turn and then on a following turn, set a monster.  The random Snowman Eater serves to play mind games on my opponent so that they never quite feel secure in just summoning a Thunder King Rai-Oh and passing turn, when I can just easily flip Snowman to kill it or force the Veiler/Warning.
  • Trap Stun.  This was originally a second Snowman Eater, but after getting my Machina Fortresses Bottomless'ed and Prison'ed over and over again, I decided that using stun would further solve the problem of making pushes into multiple backrow cards.
Now if you will notice the Extra deck, you will see two very cool XYZ monsters!

  • Lavalval Chain. This has just been released in the Duel Terminal and I'm itching to get my hands on a few for this and other decks I have in the works.  This monster allows you to either dump a copy of Fortress to the grave to be revived by Cannon (wombo combo!) or allows me to place Gorz, Gearframe, Effect Veiler, or any monster that I sided in for the matchup on the top of the deck.  If I had Chain on the field from a previous turn, I can easily play Pot of Duality and add the card to my hand immediately!
  • Daigusto Emeral.  Another busted XYZ released in the newest Duel Terminal that I'm itching to get my hands on.  The primary purpose of this bad boy is to get an extra card after shuffling key combo monsters into the deck:  Geargiaccelerator, Gearframe, or even Machina Cannon to be retrieved by Gearframe to revive Fortress!
Overall, I feel that this build has all of the tools to be a very competitive deck.  I have grown to understand how fully exploit the power of Machina Fortress and any further improvements and versions of the deck will be running the Machina engine.  A floating 2500 attack monster is just too good to be ignored!

Thanks for reading.  Please comment below with your thoughts on the build and things you would add or your experiences with this deck type.


  1. have you tested Forbidden Lance?
    i like the card a lot, it solves your bottomless/prison problem with fortress, and also protects fortress from dark hole etc.
    Fortress + Lance always lets me smile
    only monsters can kill it, and if they do, i either discard 1 card or destroy 1 card

  2. K so wall of text incoming.
    Question: why the mind control?, personally i feel it should only be ran if your deck uses a lot of lvl 3's and 4's, geargi machina doesn't, so if your opponent ends with a set monster, maybe snowman, or a tking, then your gonna have to summon a floater, probly an accel or gearframe, to xyz, or just left snowman sit there, not getting the full badassery out of your mind control, i would opt to drop it for the lance as suggested above, or a 3rd arsenal, as ive found through testing since before the gear's were released, you NEED armor as often as possible, and if you think you can get too much armor, the fortress come in to kick extra machines to the grave and to have more machines to work with in general.

    I've yet to test lance, but im very eager to although i am having a bit of fun with my current kuri/machina/geargi build so that'll be some time.

    There's a few more things I wanted to say.
    -Why you aren't running at least a single torrential, assuming you play metaish or at least spammy decks(wind-ups) that torrential will come in handy when its your only set or 1 of 2 and your opponent doesn't have the heavy, they try to explode and you just get to bash em for it, despite you losing an armor, you hindered them so hard, it's going to be pretty easy to top a gearframe, or 2nd armor especially if your running the 3rd arsenal,
    -2nd reason to run torrential is gearframe equip to fortress set torrential, in a losing situation, that play has saved my ass a lot because i just topped a gearframe, got cannon, got fortress, and sat behind the torrential i drew previously or right after, letting my fortress survive the next bigger monster my opponent can bring out. Or i can do that to start the game, and let them figure out how the hell their gonna kill my 25 guy twice.

    Onto snowman eater, although your reasoning makes me want to play it, I've learned that people have learned, that facedowns are no longer always ryko, their the 19 def armor, and they cannot have that flip effect go off AND let armor sit there. Although it will die without eff, i think your better off running traps or a smashing ground to get around the tkings. On a separate note I haven't tested smashing/soul taker yet, but I will eventually, the deck plays like a faster gadget variant, and if you play slower, smashing is your best friend, or so Robbie tells me. :P Overall i just dont feel snowman just doesnt have enough synergy with the deck, I think it would be more suited to the kuri build, as you can sync and overlay with it really easily, but here its just gonna sit there to stall for you, it has no aggro synergy/properties.

    Onto limiter, I don't mean to bash you, but why in the holy hell are you not playing limiter. I cannot begin to tell you how many games Ive stolen because I had the card, I don't think it matters if a ycs winning deck didn't run the card, In a deck that can spam bigass machines as consistently if not more than regular karakuri decks, the card will put you at enough for game more times than reborn will give you game. Although it has absolutely no utility the fact that it can put game on board with 2 monsters (gearframe/fortress) turn 2 to totally steal it, is definately something to include.

    I hope I didn't come across arrogant, because you really are my favorite youtuber, not just in the yugioh realm but overall, and I watch a lot of youtube ;_;. Anyway keep on postin stuff and doin what your doing. Can't give you enough praise. :)

    Also gonna test a trap stun in my kmg build, I never thought of that, my mind always went to mst, then lance, but I'm interested as it seems to be doin work for you.

  3. @LiquidFail: regarding mind control, why do you say that machina geargia doesn't run enough 3's and 4's for it? It only runs 1 3*, but it runs /11/ 4* monsters. I think that is more than enough to justify mind control if the player feels it is worthwhile. If a deck runs 2 3* and 2 4* or something like that, I can understand saying mind control is not justified. But with the amount of 4* this deck runs, I think it is perfectly viable -- not necessary, but viable. I usually don't run mind control myself, but I think it is perfectly viable in this deck if the player running it wants to play it.


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