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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Super Secret Secrets

I used to be like many of you and get upset when the high profile players come up with super secret strategies and refused to share them with the masses.  It used to annoy me that "I" was kept out of the loop.  What makes them so special that they feel that only the select few should be privy to such information?  The answer to the question is quite simple and depending on your reaction is the VERY reason why "YOU" are also kept out of the loop.
I recently had an hour long conversation with one of the most consistent players in the game.  His approach to the game was miles beyond the way I approached the game.  Within the first 10 minutes, it became apparent that what I thought I knew about Yugioh was so narrow focused and limiting that there could be no question as to why I have zero Large Scale Event tops.

Let us begin by taking a serious look at ourselves objectively when it comes to Yugioh.  Are you the kind of  player that will play deck "X" because you like it regardless if the deck is inadequate for the current format?  Are you the kind of player that will find a way to squeeze a certain card into your deck because you simply are too attached to the card?  If these apply to you, then fine.  There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that mentality.  But you have to understand that much like life, Yugioh requires you to adapt or die.  
To truly play and compete at the next level, you have to be willing to let go of preconceived perceptions and notions.  In the conversation I had with this person.  We quickly identified many of my problems when it came to the game.  I had trouble letting go of cards and combos that worked for me in the past and failed to realize that many of those strategies are unnecessary and antiquated, leading to unwieldly  hands and punted games.  Together, we went through sample decklists and with his help I was able to understand how to conserve certain resources and make certain plays that produce identical, albeit less flashy results.  Because, as you know consistency wins tournaments.

Next, take a step back from yourself and analyze comments made when high profile players share any tidbit of information with the general public.  People come out of the woodwork and claim that they've been running deck "X" since its inception and they are the foremost authority and how dare Mr High Profile bastardize the deck.  I know this feeling personally, since I frequently  post my deck ideas online.  Without fail, some "expert" tells me that I'm doing it wrong with no other explanation other than they are the authority since it is their pet deck and I should simply listen to them.
Now, I ask you to look back at some of the information shared with in the past.  Those things that were mocked by the masses have surely become the accepted norm and the new standard.  Why is that?  The answer can't possibly be because people are sheep and netdecked.  If that were the case, Plant Rulers would have been the most popular deck last format.  Or, cards like Mystical Refpanel and Retort would have been easily dismissed.  The answer again is simple.  Good players test ideas before they put them into practice.  The good player will test until they find the flaws in the idea, and when that idea reaches the point that flaws are so insignificant in comparison to the benefits, then they know that they have found the next super secret.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments.



  1. I always think that there are two main reasons for players keeping secrets. One, as you listed, is because it's frustrating to deal with people who haven't put in the same amount of time/energy as you have into testing the idea but will still call it shit anyways without so much as a second thought. But the other is because they're probably just saving it for the next event. The element of surprise is outstandingly powerful in this game, and having the next DNA Surgery at an event where nobody is prepared for it is bound to win you some games. And the games you steal with it might be just what you needed to top or win. So I try my best not to be too upset when top players keep ideas under wraps, only when they don't explain those ideas AFTER it's already public knowledge.

  2. @ lord invishil very good point as always man


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