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Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Usually, the beginning of a format means that there will be a plethora of really decks floating around in the competitive scene.  However, coming out of consecutive explosive formats, everything just seems so meh.
I'm not advocating a return of Turn 1 or 2 kills, ie Dragon Rulers with the Babies or Mono Mermail with triple 'Goons.  I'm just saying that grinding out wins through infinite backrow is going to be extremely annoying.  Consider this, every spell and trap line up is going to resemble the following in some fashion:

1 Book of Moon

1-2 Dust Tornado
2-3 Fiendish Chain

That is a whopping 7-9 spots in the maindeck before you even get a chance to figure out the ratios of Monsters, tech, and themed spells/traps you decide to run.  I contribute this trend to the fact that there are 3 Kings of Grind in the game right now:  Geargias, Fire Fist, and Spellbooks/Prophecy.  All of these decks grind away the opponents resources while simultaneously generating card advantage with floaters and recurring monsters, spells, and traps.  Unless there is someone out there who has secretly discovered a deck that out grinds the Kings, be prepared to either play a King or become a subject of the King.

That's all for now.  These are just my thoughts.  Let me know what you think below in the comment section.

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