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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ninja Rulers

So Hieratic Rulers was a no go.  My next project is Ninja Rulers.  Before I show my deck, I'd like to know why "variants" of the deck are more acceptable to people who insist on playing decks that stand no chance in today's metagame.  I'd really like to know why people purposefully handicap themselves and hide behind empty catch phrases such as "auto pilot", "no skill", "OP", etc.  I am a competitive player.  I never run "standard" decks, but I always try to run decks that at least emulate what the best decks can do.  In this format and the previous few, the power levels of the decks released just do not allow "fun" decks to anything more than waste $7 at your local tournament, $20 at your regional, and $20 + travel/expenses at a YCS.  Just playing for fun is fine when you are with your buddies, but when it comes to competition, most people would actually like to COMPETE!

This is version 1 of the deck.  The focus of the deck is to provide disruption with Super Transformation while at the same time summon the rulers from the deck, thus accelerating your Dragon Ruler engine.  I've only played a few games, but from the limited testing I've had, it has played very smoothly.

If you have any suggestions or fixes, please leave a comment below!



  1. only thing I can think of mentioning is lack of BRD, it seems like such a good card. Have there been times in playing the deck where you have regretted not having access to Black Rose?

  2. so people put themselves "in the stone", behind all those words, just to say that they play for "fun"...when in reality they wish to be able to do the "broken" plays or set-ups the meta decks do, i believe that this decks can be just as powerful but when it comes to competitive play, power alone in not enough, consistency, speed, adaptability make a deck strong , and that is without counting in the player's "skill"..

  3. fiendish chain could be a good option for stun & to stop lockdown monsters, but making room is the question, maybe moving mst to the side & dropping bth for 2 fiendish chains


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