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Monday, September 2, 2013

Hieratic Dragon Rulers vers 1

This is the deck that I will try to break this format.  While I am still very interested in Bujins and I am quite sure that combo decks hate me,  I have loved Hieratics since they were announced for the OCG.  This format is shaping up to be a much watered down version of last format where fast paced combo decks are King:  Dragunities, Dragon Ruler variants, Infernities, and Mermails.  Of course I could have forgotten a few decks, but I think you get the point.

The way I built this deck is to allow me to have a solid Turn 1 opening, something that the standard Hieratic deck did not.  This is the usual combo I try to pull off:

Hand: Eset, Su, any Dragon Ruler, + 3 random cards

Normal Summon Eset.
Special Su, by tributing Eset > vanilla Dragon is special Summoned.
XYZ summon Atum with Su and Vanilla Dragon
Detach Su for a different Dragon Ruler from the one in hand
Banish Eset and Su to special summon Dragon Ruler in hand
XYZ summon with both Dragon Rulers for Dracossack > make 2 Tokens

So far this is as far I've gotten with 1st turn plays going 1st.  As I continue to experiment with the deck.  I'm sure the deck will evolve and I'll come up with other plays.  If you have any ideas where I can go from here, feel free to post them here!

Thanks for reading.


  1. Sounds really good... I'm surprised I haven't seen this idea before. Good luck with it!

  2. So with no Birdman, have you given up on the OTK potential in favor of a safe first turn play? Or can this build still OTK, just in a different way? I also wonder, with a build this monster heavy, ever run into an issue with unplayable hands?


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