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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Undefeated Regional Report: 9 - 0 with Dubk-Dragons!

Hey guys, I'm pretty terrible at writing reports, so please bear with me.  Also, my memory is kinda fuzzy as I worked 10+ hours Friday, 6 Hours Sunday, and 13 hours today.

Friday Night:
On my way home from work, I'm agonizing about what to play.  I have every deck available between my own and teammates collections, but I've never been one to play straight up Meta Decks.  Once I get home, I'm dead set on playing Bujins and sleeve up my deck in Green Sleeves (favorite color btw).  I shower, get dressed, and head over Johnny's house at about 8pm to playtest and discuss theory-oh about the expected meta at Lenexa.  Generally, Lenexa, KS regionals are comprised of Kansas players, KC, MO players, STL players, some OKC and Denver players.  As you can see, trying to predict what to side for will be a nightmare.

Once I get settled in at my teammates house, I begin furiously playtesting Badjins and get roflstomped by Colossal fighter and MST repeatedly....FUCK THIS DECK (until LVAL..maybe).  Now once again, I'm super stressed about what to play.  One of my teammates say I should just run my Hieratic Dragon Ruler deck because of how easily the deck OTKs out of nowhere.  I remind him that the deck has ZERO natural outs to Ophion and loses completely to Emptiness and Crimson Blader.  Finally, I suck it up and rebuild my deck I posted on YouTube dubbed, "Summon Debris Dragon!"  As I'm sleeving it up in the Green Sleeves formally used by the Badjins, Johnny is organising his "Good" commons and comes across cards from the BEWD structure deck and flings Castle of Dragon Souls at me and says use this card and win all of the Yugiohs!  I read it, look at the 2 DDRs in my deck and immediately take 1 out for a copy of Castle.  Then I have an epiphany, IF I'm going to run bad cards, I might as well run several bad cards that I think are cool and see if I can sack some people.  I pull out a fresh pack of  White Sleeves because Badjins have ruined the color Green for me for awhile.  This is the list I sleeve up:

25 mons

3 Blaster
3 Redox
3 Tidal
3 Tempest
2 Debris Dragon
2 Truppa Della Carta
1 Dandylion
3 Maxx C
1 Effect Veiler
1 Corsesca
1 Flamvell Guard
1 Exploder Dragon
1 Swift Scarecrow

7 spells

3 Swords
2 Ravine
1 Dark Hole
1 Book of Moon

10 traps

2 Waboku
2 Raigeki Break
2 Dragoncarnation
1 RftDD
1 Castle of Dragon Souls
1 Divine Wrath


2 Fencing Fire Ferret
2 Skill Drain
2 Emptiness
2 Decree
2 Debunk
1 Needle Ceiling


2 Dracossack
1 Big Eye
1 Star Eater
1 Colossal
1 Scrap Dragon
1 Stardust
1 Crimson Blader
1 Orient Dragon
1 Armory Arm
1 Mist Bird Clausolas
1 Formula Synchron

*side note*

9/15, 9:37am
Joshua Graham
gj at ur regs
but ur deck is an eye-sore.

9/15, 9:37am
B Darnell Alexander
Ikr, isn't it awesome!

9/15, 9:38am
Joshua Graham

9/15, 9:39am
B Darnell Alexander
You see no merit in any of my card choices?

9/15, 9:40am
Joshua Graham
yeah i really like the 12 dragon rulers.
and 3 swords.


Saturday  Morning

I was so hype about running this deck with my card choices and so anxious to play mirrors all day and blow them out with Waboku!  On the drive to Lenexa (2.5hrs), we came to the conclusion that the decks to beat were:  Dragons, Wizards, Fishes, and Ophion.dek.  I was VERY confident that I would do well vs all of those...but someone forgot to tell me that Constellars was a deck!

At the McDonald's a few blocks from the venue, we stop and get food.  And as is tradition, we test and trade with ppl there as we wait for the venue to open.  After destroying the Mirror as suspected and blowing out Badjins, I feel really good about the event.  Again, as is tradition, we sign a few Trade Binders, Snapbacks, and cards before we head out to the venue.

Collector's Cache!   I absolutely love this place.  The very first time I went there, it was for UDE day and I went undefeated in Swiss using my Dark Armed Dragonless, "Dark Nephetys Control" and ended up 3rd place and sold my Des Volsgath (sp?) for $600 to a collector...lol it was reprinted later that year!  I'm walking around talking to fanboys and friends alike and I get a terrible chill.  I see and hear people scrambling for DT Pleides.  I'm like, why is everyone looking for Pleides?  I have like 7.  As I'm trading a few away, I see more and more FREAKING CONSTELLAR PLAYERS!  W.T.ACTUAL.F.  I calm down a bit and just tell myself, relax, this is just a few people...can't mean that this place is going to be overrun by Constellars, that deck is garbage...right?

I can't take it anymore.  I won't allow myself to be overcome by rage at the thought of playing random.dek again for the 5th regional in a row, whilst I prepare my deck to play mirrors and then proceed to lose to things that a kaiba structure deck can beat.  I walk outside and spark up a Black & Mild and immediately overrun by fans wanting to pick my brain about various things: "Hey, Dubk, what do you think about Karakuri?"  "Hey, DKD!  What are you running?  Are you running Ninjas again?"  "Hey Dubs, you gonna go X-3 drop again, hurr hurr..."  "Hey Dubk, I've been subbed to you for a year, do you wanna play a quick match?"


Registration is taking forever and it is well past 10am.  Finally, 11am rolls around and we find out that there are 320 players!  Largest regional at this venue to date (yeah, the Coasts do it better, but this is Kansas).  I find out that I'm at seat 148 and as I head to my table I see Dorragans errywherrr so I'm like LEZZGO!

Round 1 vs Zack (MPB)

1st and foremost, I wanna give glory and honor to God. Second, I wanna thank based DGz for allowing a MPB discussion thread and it being graced by the likes of Exiled to make it worth reading.  Lastly, I wanna kill myself because it seems already that I'm in for a day of playing RandySavage.dek all freaking day...AGAIN!

Game 1
I  know what his cards do and I maxx c his token spam.
Game 2
Emptiness + Drain + Fire Ferret trumps Iron Wall.

I win easy, but I don't feel good about it.  The dude played his cards correctly and knew what he was doing.  But the fact is, Dorragans > Machines.

1 - 0
Round 2 vs Justin (Constellars)

So yeah, I know there is a thread for this deck, but I have never ever opened it and truly thought the deck was a mere gimmick.  OMG, Pleides is annoying as FUUUUUUUUUU!

Game 1
I open Return, Truppa, Dragoncarnation, Castle, Scarecrow, and Redox.  I mill 3 Dragons set Return, Carnation, and Castle.  He remarks, "I've never seen Dragons set so many backrow, MST for my Tenki?"  Unfornately, I don't and he goes Algiedi + Kaust and make Omega.  He attacks and I flip Castle, banishing Blaster to add a Blaster to my hand and take 1400 damage from Omega + Tenki. He sets 2 more and ends.  My turn, I draw Debris Dragon.  I summon Debris and he Chain emptiness to the effect to which I chain Return, then Castle (banishing Tidal, but not use effect), then Dragoncarnation.  When the Chain resolves I have 2 Blaster In hand, Tidal and Debris on the field.  I use blaster to pop his set Mirror Force, then use redox to pitch Crow to revive Truppa.  I mill Tempest, Ravine, and Corsesca.  I make BRD then combine it with Tidal for Dracossack, detach Tidal for tokens and pop Omega.  Next, I banish debris and Tempest for Tidal and swing 2600, while searching for another Debris Dragon.  He tops tenki and searches Bear...then thinks and just scoops.

Game 2
He opens kinda weird with Kaust and 3 sets.  I open Ferret, Drain, Castle, Redox, Guard, and some other card.  I set Ferret, Drain, and Castle.  He tops Rota plays it and searches Pollux.  I immediately flip Skill Drain.  He decides not to attack and sets another card.  My turn I top Truppaand he flips Iron Wall. I flip summon my Ferret.  I summon Trooper and mill  dragons and a waboku.  I attack with Ferret into his Kaust and swing direct with Trooper.  He summons Bear and swings over Trooper and I draw Blaster.  My turn, I draw another Ferret Summon it. Swing for 1700 and then pop Iron Wall.  He summons TKing, reads Ferret for the 3rd time and passes.  In my endphase I banish blaster with Castle to search another Blaster.  On my turn, I draw Sword which I activate and by banishing Blaster to search my last blaster, Drawing into Geki Break and MST.  I attack over Tking by banishing Tempest (searching Debris) in grave and he has to let it go or he loses his Tking anyway.  I read he has Honest.  He finally finds the MST for Drain and summons Pollux and then Algeidi, then Kaust.  He Bumps up Kaust, then Geidi, then I break Kaust.  He sets what I believe one more card still holding Honest as his only in hand card.  In my draw phase he flips another Iron Wall and I get giddy.  I summon DEBRIS DORRAGON reviving Trooper and mill godly.  Make BRD and OTK him.  He reveals the Honest and offers up the hand shake.

2 - 0

Mkay.  So, now I realize that if I can successfully summon Debris Dragon and resolve his effect, I will win every  match, thus maintaining my decks namesake, "Summon Debris Dragon!"

Round 3 vs Kevin (Prophecy)

By this guys demeanor, I put him on Lswarm and I'm  like I should probably scoop if he makes Ophion and just go to game 2 without him knowing what I'm playing.  

Game 1
I go first.  I banish Blaster and Tidal for Redox.  I then summon Corsesca and make Stardust Dragon.  I end my turn with Scrap Dragon, Waboku and Dragoncarnation set.  OMG, he starts his turn with Crescent and my heart just drops.  Fortunately I give him Master. He summons Temperance, Fetches Priestess, then Crescents for what I believe to be Power.  At this point I know I win.  He plays power attacks my Scrap Dragon and flip Waboku.  He sets Two cards and ends turn.  My turn, I draw Trooper.  I summon Trooper and mill Tempest, Redox, and Dandylion. I think for a second and flip Dragon Carnation for Blaster.  I pitch both Blasters to target his Priestess to forces the fate for 2 on my Card Trooper.  Next, I summon Tidal by banishing Redox and Tempest (searching Debris Dragon).  Tidal swings and gets Windblasted (he pitches another Temperance) and I realize that he opened worse than I thought.  His turn he tops blue boy and fates my Scrap Dragon and runs over my card trooper.  Then activates tower (which he fetches off of duality).  I summon Debris DORRAGON!  Get Trooper, mill garb, make AFD, pop tower, Get Ravine, and OTK him from there.

Game 2
I realize that judging people by there appearance is NOT a good way to tell if they have a good deck or not, so I play more cautiously from here on out.

He opens really well this game with Secrets, master, Temperance -> World with 2 Set.  I attempt to banish for Redox by banishing Blaster and Tidal and he flips Emptiness.  UGH!  I pass obv.  His turn, he summons Blue Boy and I flip Skill Drain.  He punches for a shit ton of damage.  I finally top Ferret and ram his World but he flips Soul Drain and I just die.

Game 3
I'm not losing to this Cheesy deck.  I refuse to lose to fancy dressed girls carrying books around with funny looking letters swirling around them!
I open insanely well.  2 Ravine, Trooper, 2 MST, and Tidal.  He stood no chance.  Sorry bro!

3 - 0

Round 4 vs Joseph (Infernity)

Game 1
He goes first playing Upstart then summons Armageddon Knight dumping Street Patrol.  Sets his hand to Banish Patrol to summon Archfiend and I play Maxx C.  He goes for it anyway giving me a few cards and ends with 2 Barrier.  My turn, I pitch Blaster and Guard to pop his Archfiend and he barriers.  Then I summon Trooper, mill and he barriers again to prevent me from attacking over his only face up atk position Infernity.  I read he may only have a break that he is saving for my  facedown.  With 3 cards in hand.  I banish Tempest and Tidal for Redox, in defense mode, set Wrath and dragoncarnation.  He endphase pops my Dragon Carnation.  He draws for turn summons Necro, revives an archfiend and I divine wrath it.  Endphase I bounce for redox.  I top Ravine and he MST's it when I pitch Tidal.  Next, I summoned DEBRIS DORRAGON! to fetch Truppa, mill some stuff and BRD his whole field.  His last set I believe was Transmodify (I would have gotten Dougied on if his Necromancer was allowed to be swapped for a 3rd Archfiend).  From there it was an down hill battle for him.

Game 2
He does the Archfiend dougie and I don't have a hand trap to stop the madness.  I get pooed on completely.

Game 3
I again open no Maxx C and just set book, Wrath, and Return.  Next I summon Truppa and mill complete ASS!  He sets 5 and sets a monster.  I figure it was Mancer.  I draw Castle and start to feel really good.  I mill Trooper, Tidal, and Maxx C (-_- ' ).  His turn he TOPS Archfiend and Searches Break and I flip Book on Archfiend before he can set it.  My turn, I draw Needle Ceiling and  I mill amazing:  Tempest, Redox, and Blaster.  I attack into Book of Moon.  Next I banish Tidal and Tempest for Blaster.  Then banished the Maxx C and Trooper for Redox.  I overlay for Dracossack and he breaks it.  I set Needle Ceiling and Pass.  His turn he tops Street Patrol.  Does the Dougie, Gets Launcher, activates, gets the 3rd Archfiend to Banishes to Special summon and searches a Barrier.  Sets it, turns Mancer to attack mode (smart play btw), Makes Lavalval Chain, does stuff.  Revives archfiend to search another Barrier and I flip NEEDLE FUCKING CEILING killing my trooper, his Mancer, Chain, and Archfiend.  He sets the Barrier and Passes.  So now he has one  unknown set and I think it is another Transmodify or something.  My turn I attempt to summon Tempest by Banishing Sack and Blaster to which he chains Soul Drain....I'm like GG and flip Return.

(Dear Konami,
RftDD is busted as hell.  Will you please Ban it in December. Thanks.)

4 - 0

Round 5 vs Vincent (Prophecy)

Game 1
I already know what this guy is playing because he was sitting next to me the previous round.   He goes first with Blue Boy and I have the Clutch one of Veiler.  He plays Crescent and gets tower and Ends with No other sets.  My turn, I pitch Redox and Dandy for Veiler.  Make a race Car, Summon Debris DORRAGON!  Make AFD, pop Tower, Get Ravine and OTK him from there.

Game 2
He opens strong with Blue Boy, Tower, Fate live for 3.  I summon Corsesca to force the Fate and he fates his Blue Boy down to Search for Secrets.  I set Drain, Redox, Wrath and MST.  His turn I MST his tower.  His turn, he plays secrets for Wisdom, then Master for Tower after summoning Temperance.  He gets greedy and goes for World and I Divine Wrath it!  From there he can't get anything going and is kicking himself for not Powering over my monster.  I told him, either way he still loses when he attempts to activate Temperance, I just Wrath what ever Temperance gets and then he can't use Life.  It's not his fault I'm playing shitty cards.

5 - 0

At this time.  I get approached by several people asking what my record is and why have I been at the top tables since round 3 using such shitty choices.  I ask some of them what are they playing and what were their losses.  Almost in unison, they said Hoban.dek.  I ask well, what did you lose to?  In unison, Constellars.  I asked how?  Skill Drain shits on that deck.  One of the guys reminded me that Drain conflicts with the deck.  And I go, oh yeah, but with all of that digging, you should be digging for your outs, right?  Ha, Ha, the answer I got was MAXX C too stronk!

Hobans deck is pure genuis.  I admit.  But Maxx C on your plays when you need to push back vs Pleides backed up by infi backrow is kinda rough.  Sure you can play out of it with Encore and such, but you still have to get through the backrow.  The deck doesn't make BRD so you don't have an efficient field wipe and when they have a simple TKRO backed with traps, your best bet is to somehow grave phalanx, then summon Dux and Ram it.  Also, Constellars play Vanity's better than any deck  ever could.  That seems like a lot of  work.   Did I mention that if you encore their guys but don't kill them, kaust can still bump them back up and make an Omega or even another Pleides with a second Kaust.  Players have gotten smart game 2 by not detaching Kaust so that Kaust can  still bump himself and others to continue with XYZ plays.  I saw a lot of players have a hard time playing out Pleides + Zone + Emptiness.

Round 6 vs Cameron (Hoban.dek)

Game 1
He wins the roll and draws a shitton of cards and I cry.  He sets up what I know to be a huge Return play with emptiness set.  I go for it anyway and flips the emptiness.  I then set Dragoncarnation and Divine Wrath and Pass.  His turn he plays Upstart to kill his emptiness.  Plays ravine, gets dux and I Wrath.  He then flips Return and QQ even more.

Game 2
I now learn the awesomeness of Hoban.dek. and make sure to put my shitty cards to work.  I summon Trooper and mill Debris, Redox, and Tempest.  I banish for Redox adding another Tempest to hand.  I set Waboku and Skill Drain.  His turn.  He does the Hoban Boogie with the Dragunity stuff.  When he makes Atum, I flip Skill Drain and he doesn't have the MST!  Afraid of my other Facedown, he doesn't attack. (waiting until they consolidate all of their monsters into Atum is in my Opinion the perfect time to flip Emptiness, Use Veiler/Maxx, etc.  This is because in the case of Maxx C, they have to keep going or they lose Redmd/Atum to Blader.  In the case of Veiler/Drain. They don't have a faceup Dragunity to drop Mystle.  I think you should just let them burn their entire combo package since avarice is gone and blow them out from there if you can defend against the impending OTK.)  At this time he has one card in hand which I believe to be return or emptiness.  I draw Break. I summon Debris Dragon with no effect attempting to go into AFD to wall up, but he flips the emptiness. I mill some more with truppa and turn him to defense.  His turn he rips the MST, turns off his emptiness and I break his Atum.  He pitches a dragon to send a dragon for Ravine, summons blaster to run over my Debris Dragon and I flip Waboku, then Bounce Redox to my hand in the Endphase.  My turn, I draw Castle, I make the AFD, pop Ravine, search ravine, Make colossal over his Blaster.  His turn, he resummons Blaster, attacks Big Eye and I flip Castle and he can't recover.

Game 3.
He opens Upstart Goblin and goes off.  Again, I wait patiently until he makes Atum and Drop the Maxx C and he thinks for a LONG TIME, finally  deciding to get Redox then Banishes for REDMD from hand and sets a backrow.  My turn.  I open Hole FOR THE 1st time all day! and blast his field.  Then I summon trooper mill Tidal, Corsesca, and Tempest, swing for 1900.  Next, I pitch Double redox for Corsesca  and banish a redox and Tempest (search debris Dorragon) for Tidal and make Blader.  I set Geki Break, Dragoncarnation and Waboku.  On his turn he attempts to bait my Emptiness (which I never saw BTW) with Dux so I pitch my  One of Veiler. Next he banishes REDMD and Redox in hand for Blaster and flips Return with a field of Dux, Redmd, Redox x 2, Blaster just as time is called (me 9000, him 3050).  He swings at trooper with Blaster and I let it die (me 6600, him 3050), next he swings with REDMD into Blader and I flip Waboku!  He rocks back in his seat and shakes his head.  MP2 He makes Dracosack and pops Blader and sets 1.  My turn I draw and reveal Maxx C.  He smiles and I then I flip Dragoncarnation for Redox.  I summon Debris, He flips Emptiness, I chain Break, Pitching Sword,  get truppa, mill Ravine, Wrath, and Blaster.  Make Blackrose.  Then Pitch Redox and C for Blader, summon Blaster and seal the game.

Bad Beats for sure with me drawing my Only Veiler and having an earth for Redox to get back Blader and also milling godly with my Truppa Della Cartas (pro tip, foreign troopers mill better than English ones...ask Navarro, he'll confirm!).  I have huge respect for the Dragunity Variant now and in the future will side all 3 MST instead of 1.  I mistakenly thought that skill drain would shut them down, but the deck also runs big dragons that can deal lethal damage as well and makes his Emptiness plays more Godly.  Anyway, I apologize PROFUSELY for sacking the shit out of him and reveal that I only play 1 Veiler.  He said it was cool, we shook hands and the judge grabbed the slip. After it's all said and done, Waboku outs Star Eater when they push for game, Castle saves Stardust, Draco, Tidal, and Tempest from getting Bladered, and Dragoncarnation lets you lead your opponent to believe that you burned your elements too early.

6 - 0

Round 7 vs another Justin (also playing Constellars)

At this point. I am the ONLY DRAGON PLAYER Undefeated.  There are, I believe 2 Constellars, 1 Mermail, and Zombies (Tray Massengale) also undefeated, with 1 Prophecy player who is X-0-1.  Also, at this point, everyone knows what everyone else is playing and everyone at the Top Tables (1 - 4; I was at table 2) watched my Game 3 since we went into time.

Game 1
I lose the dice roll (-_-  ')
He opens standard Pleides set 3.  I am so aggravated by the facts that I only faced one mirror, played no mermails, and that people are calling bad/terrible/sack/stacker for using my shitty card choices that I YOLO all in his face.   I pitch double Tidal for Trooper, Play book of moon on Pleides. Summon Debris Dorragon, mill Geki Break, Blaster, and Waboku then Blackrose his Pleides, Mirror Force, Lance, and Safe Zone.  Then Summon  Blaster and poke setting Wrath with only Sword in hand.  His turn, he tops sombres. Summons it, gets kaust, bumps once, bumps twice and I divine Wrath.  He looks at my grave, reveals his in Hand MST and scoops....don't set so many cards buddy!

Game 2
He opens Tking + 2 Sets
My draw phase he flips Iron Wall.  I Methodically windmill Slam Truppa Della Carta and rape TKRO after milling Dandylion, Redox, and Maxx C.  Next, I play MST on Iron Wall, banish Tidal and draw Blaster and Debris DORRAGON!  Search  Blaster.  Next I set Castle and pass.  His Turn he sets 2 other Backrow and summons Pollux and Kaust.  He thinks about bumping levels but insteads attacks both  tokens and makes Omega.  My turn I draw another Trooper.   I mill some cards (including a Tidal) and sigh as I Banish Maxx C and Blaster in hand for Redox to which he responds with Emptiness.  I slump to the side and say well, I gotta kill off my Truppa so I take less damage now 19 than at 400.  I attack and he's like OK and begins to write down that I lose 500 Life, but in the Damage step I flip Castle (Banish Tidal, search Tidal) and kill His omega and emptiness.  Next I set Geki Break and Waboku.  He summons bear and enters battle phase then picks up Castle and says ok, just 700.  I flip Waboku and he almost flips the table.  He sets one more card leaving only One card in hand.  On my turn I mill more good cards (Truppa, Ravine, and Tempest.  He flips his newly set Iron Wall and I summon DEBRIS DORRAGON fetching Truppa, mill some more, He chains Maxx C, I blow the field, draw from Trooper, then Castle Nets me Blaster.  Next Redox combines with Blaster for Dracossack.  Then Blaster and Tidal are summoned to put 8k on Board.

 7 - 0
Round 8 vs Chris (Constellars...yet again)

We are the only 2 undefeated players at this point with the X-0-1 Prophecy player being paired down with an X-1-0 player.  I was very salty about the inevitability of one of us being paired down in final Round of  Swiss.  Like, can't we just say whoever wins this rounds, just gets 1st place???  I talk to the Head Judge and he informs me that by Policy, all rounds must be played according to the # of ppl entered blah, blah, blah...  Mkay.  Can't argue with policy.  Lezzgo!

Game 1
I lose the dice roll YET AGAIN!  (Handless, a member here on DGz will confirm that I have the shittiest luck sometimes).   He opens godly with cool tech cards.  Pollox -> Sheraton Search Sombres.  Activate Tenki, search Kaust.  Activate Tensu, summon Kaust Bump sheraton to 4 and makes Omega.  He then Sets 2 and passes.  I draw trooper mill 2 Blaster and Ravine. Then I activate Ravine and pitch my Tidal and he chains MST next I banish a blaster and  tidal for Blaster and he has Emptiness.  I set Dragon Carnation and Divine Wrath and Geki Break with just Tidal in hand, he End phases detaches for Omega.  He Draws for turn and plays space off the top to hit my Carnation which gets me back Blaster. then summons Sombres.  Detaches for Omega again, Banishes Sheratan for For Pollux and Summons Pollux.  I do some calculations before he enters batlle.  Omega Swings at trooper and I activate Castle (banishing blaster, netting me Guard) only taking 1400.  then Pollux, Kaust, and Sombres swing leaving me at 1450! Saving me from being finished off by Cowbell.  He pumps Pollux and Kaust and makes Pleides then overlays M7 ontop of Omega.  My turn my hand is Tidal, Blaster, Guard, Book of Moon (off of truppa dying) and Debris Dragon!  I summon Debris Dragon and get Trooper, he response with ANOTHER EMPTINESS!!!!  I pitch Tidal for Geki Break and kill the emptiness.  When Debris DORRAGON resolves, he tries to Pleides my Truppa and I chain Divine Wrath pitching Guard.  Now I'm hoping he doesn't have maxx C.   Truppa mills good cards (like Sword, my last Ravine, and Dark Hole) and I BRD his field because he's going to be topdecking vs my impending Dracossack + Book.  Blaster and Tidal get in for big Damage and I have the Book for his Top Decked Sombres.

Game 2
He starts slow and sets 2. My turn I summon Fire Ferret and punch (me 8k, him 6300). In his Draw phase, I flip Drain (me 7k, him 6300) and he summons Kaust and passes.  My turn.  I draw Trooper and set it.  As expected. he doesn't atk and sets another card.  I draw MST and Set it.  He passes without attacking my Truppa.  On my turn, I draw Return. Flip Summon trooper and mill Redox, Tidal, Tempest.  He doesn't summon anything and just runs over my Truppa (drawing Sword; me 5400; him 6300).  My Turn I draw another Tempest.  He immediately flips Iron Wall and I MST it.  Then I banish Tempest for Sword and draw Blaster and another Skill Drain then Search Debris DORRAGON!  Next, I banish Tidal and Redox for Blaster, he Flips Emptiness and I chain Return for 2nd or 3rd time this event and he chains Maxx C.   With him being on 6300 life and me at 2700 now, I knew that I had to play around Honest.  I look down to see that Ferret is still standing strong.  Ferret Attacks his Kaust forcing the Honest but killing Kaust and Emptiness at the same time, then Tidal, Tempest, and Redox is enough to win the game.  He set cards were Dark Hole and lance, with Effect Veiler, Sheraton, and MST off the top from Maxx C.  I ask him what he was trying to draw into with Maxx C and he just said, he was hoping I would just stop summoning.

Again, another tale of Bad Beats.  But skill drain outs too many Normal summon dependent decks.  I wished him luck in his next round and again apologized for being so sacky.

8 - 0

Round 9 vs Danny (Prophecy)

Game 1
I lose the die roll but open with Dark Hole and Return.  He does the Crescent-Master-Temperance-World-combo and sets 2.  I know one is a fate so I summon Trooper and he fates it face down.  Next I play the Dark Hole, Draw geki Break. I set Return and Geki Break with Redox, Dandy, and Veiler in hand.  He draws for turn and plays Blue Boy which I veiler and he has the Book of  Moon and tower.  He activates tower and passes.  I summon DEBRIS DORRAGON!  and he Windblasts my Card Trooper before I can mill.  Next, I pitch Dandy and Redox which elicits an sigh and revive Veiler.  make RaceCar, Draw Trooper.  Next, AFD is made, I pop Tower, Get Ravine.  Pitch Trooper to Send Blaster, Special Blaster.  AFD runs over Blue Boy and Blaster Swings Direct.  He Draws to 3 in hand and summons Blue Boy and Gets life.  Next he attempts to Summon World and Break it...he Scoops when I show him return.

Game 2
He Starts off with Upstart, Blue Boy, Secrets, Master, Tower, Soul Drain.  On turn I banish Tempest and Blaster To summon Redox, he flips Soul Drain and He thinks that I lose access to 2 Elements.  I set Dragonacarnation and 2 MST with no hand.  He draws, then again for Tower.  Summons another Blue Boy gets fate and I endphase MST it as Redox bounces to hand.  I draw Sword and MST his Soul Drain.  Next I banish Redox to get Card Trooper and Ravine, then search another Redox!  1 outers for Days!  Trooper mills 3 dragons. Next I flip Dragoncarnation to get back my Tempest and Send it to the grave to send Tidal. I then banish Tempest and Tidal to Summon Blaster to search Debris Dragon and my and another Tidal. I attempt to run over the Blue Boys, but get punished by Mirror Force!  Trooper nets me Divine Wrath, so I set it and pass.  His Turn he sets 1 and passes.  I'm really afraid of Torrential, but since I feel that he can't out my Ravine.  Summon Debris and it goes Through. Next I summon Blaster again and attempt to swing and he windblasts my Blaster pitching World.  I think I have 2 or 3 cards in hand and I just make an AFD, Pitch  something to send to add Corsesca, then Pop it to add Ravine to hand but don't activate it to keep him  from activating his Tower.  I end turn and he Draws to 3 Cards in hand, SB of Wisdom, SB of Power and SB of Life!!!!!!!!!!  He activates it life banishing a blue boy and targets World.   I'm like, that's pretty raw, 3900 Gets over AFD with Power or World can just Nuke Everything and be done with it.  I ask him his targets for World and he looks up at me and asks if I have Veiler.  I say no.  He says Secrets and Fate.  The room got quiet as there were at least 20+ people behind me jammed between the tables and several dozen people crowded around trying to peek over the shoulders of the judges.  I toss a card facedown in the grave and say, no its not Veiler, then Flip Up Divine wrath and he Rages as the Room erupts.

9 - 0

I used shitty cards in a shitty regional and went undefeated because I'm sack.

Team DKF!!!
All of the Fanboys who let me smoke my Black and Mild in peace
Tray Massengale for giving me 3D Dracossack Tokens
Paul Cooper for finally agreeing with me that Hieratics are past their prime, regardless of Convocation at 3.
Collector's Cache
Reading most of the Deck Discussion Threads on DGz!

All of the Fanboys who followed me around when I was just needing some time to think and concentrate
Not reading the Constellar Thread on DGz
Paul Cooper for playing Hieratics (LOL)
Not playing enough Dragons to fully test my theory-oh
Not playing any Mermails to fully test my theory-oh
Fanboys telling me they will unsubscribe to me since I used a "Meta" deck.
Fanboys telling me that I should be ashamed for not taking one of my  YouTube showcased decks to the event.
Really good players telling me that my card choices suck and I was lucky all day.
> they all played standard builds, Hoban.dek, etc yet still lost out to all of the Constellars at the event
> I only dropped 3 games all day
> I went undefeated, the closest Dragon player finished X - 2

Final Thoughts:

I'm super excited to finish this regional undefeated with card choices that I liked and just believing in my ability to make them work.  Things I would change would be to play another Veiler in place of the Scarecrow, as Crow was redundant with the 2 Waboku.  Another thing I would change would be dropping the Exploder dragon altogether as I did not summon it once all day and Raigeki Break/Castle would often do what I wanted Exploder to do anyway.  I have no idea what I would replace it with or if I would replace it at all, since the deck is 41 cards.
I am in no way suggesting that my deck was the best build.  I am in no way saying that the card choices I made were the best choices for everyone.  I do NOT believe that I was just lucky all day.  I firmly believe that because I played certain cards, I kept people off guard and it forced them to play out of their comfort zone since it was never really safe to hit my backrows unless it was in the endphase after I just set them.  I also believe that Waboku should see more play.  It allowed me to get multiple uses out of Truppa and allowed me to keep Monsters like Stardust and Blader on the field longer than they should have.  Finally, I don't think Maxx C should be maindecked if you don't have anything to draw into.

Thanks for reading.  I'll respond to any questions or criticisms (as I have been in the last 2 days)

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  1. A great read! The deck looked awesome and I could taste the rage a mile away!

    10/10 Would read again!


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