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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hieratic Dragon Ruler - Version 2

This is my updated build.  In testing I found that I needed more cards to grind out what is becoming the standard "Dragon Ruler" deck.  I've included 2 copies of Tidal to help give me more options and beatsticking capabilities.  If you noticed from the previous version, I have dropped to just 2 traps and I have dropped the Swift Scarecrow from the maindeck.  In future posts, I'll explain some of the choices, but for now, I'll answer some questions about how this deck operates.

Standard Hieratic OTK:

3 Hieratic Monsters - Su, Su, Eset/Tefnuit

Summon Tefnuit/Eset
Tribute for Su > lvl 6 Vanilla dragon is summoned.
Tribute Su for second Su > 2nd lvl 6 Vanilla dragon is summoned.
Overlay Su and 1 Vanilla for Atum > use effect to special summon Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon from the deck.
Use REDMD's effect to retrieve Su and overlay Su and the other Vanilla Dragon for Ptolemy M7.
Ptolemy M7's effect on REDMD.
Overlay Atum with Gaia Charger.
Banish Gaia Charger to Special Summon REDMD > use effect to summon Atum from grave.
Overlay Atum once more for Gaia Charger.
REDMD: 2800 atk, M7: 2700 atk, and Gaia: 2600 atk = 8100 damage.

As you can see, the deck is quite capable of pulling off OTK's on the 1st available opportunity.  Adding the Dragon Rulers give the deck a cushion should the OTK fail or if the gamestate will require me to grind out a win.  Any Hieratic player will tell you that there is nothing worse than to try to grind through backrow and big monsters while blowing your whole hand with no hopes of recovery.

Alternative Hieratic/Dragon Ruler OTK:

(one monster on the field)

3 Hieratic Monsters + Dragon Ruler - Su, Nebthet, Tefnuit, any Dragon Ruler

Special Summon Tefnuit
Tribute for Nebther > lvl 6 Vanilla dragon is summoned.
Tribute Su for Nebthet's effect > 2nd lvl 6 Vanilla dragon is summoned.
Overlay the 2 lvl 6 Vanilla dragons for Atum special summon Tidal or Blaster from the deck.
Tribute Su and the Dragon Ruler for the Dragon Ruler in hand > lvl 1 vanilla dragon tuner is summoned.
Synchro Vanilla and Dragon Ruler for Scrap Dragon/Colossal Fighter.
Banish Su and previous Dragon Ruler to special summon Tidal/Blaster from grave.
Overlay Atum with Gaia Charger.
Tidal/Blaster: 2600/2800 atk, Scrap Dragon/Colossal Fighter: 2800 atk, and Gaia Charger: 2600 atk = 8000 - 8200 damage.

There are several other ways to reach those magic numbers and I'm still figuring them out.  If you guys have any tips that I've overlooked or want to read more, let me know in the comment section and I'll keep you updated on my progress with the deck!

Dubkdad1 out!


  1. So the d-rulers are your defense since scarecrow is gone?? How will you deal with ophion or vanity's emptiness in the main(aside from veiler & blaster)?

    1. If I don't have an out to Ophion, then I have to scoop game 1. The way meta is shaping up, Evilswarm might be a thing to counter Dragons again. As far as Emptiness, I'm definitely trying to find room in the deck for an MST or two.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Just wondering why you dont use cardcar d anymore?

  4. Here is my build that I've been using. It's a little outdated since I'm still using galaxy serpent. I like veiler and guard as lv 1 tuners that give access to orient and black rose. Definitely putting them in and swapping Tyrone out lol. http://m.imgur.com/ZhfyQFc

  5. Definitely have been waiting for this, and now that I've found this.... I am not disappointed. Great combo as well, I was thinking about dropping card car d from my build in place of another swords of 7 so I wouldn't have to wait a turn and now I see how I can do it. Thanks again.


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