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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pot of Avarice replacements

I've been thinking about cards that are in the current card pool that emulates Pot of Avarice to some degree.  Here is a short list of what I've come up with:

For Tech Genus obviously.  With Striker at 2 again, this gives the deck more longevity as well as being chainable MST bait for the huge plus 2.  Heading into the Regional season, I expect someone some where to include a copy or two of this in their deck.

Jeff Jones used this card in the P-Soil build he piloted to a second place finish at YCS Toronto in 2012.  Same concept as Tech Genus version, but in my opinon, live more often because of the Synchro spam the Psychic deck is capable of.

Finally we have this gem!  To this day, I wish that Konami would have FULLY fleshed out the Volcanic archetype.  They gave them a good stand alone card, Volcanic Rocket, a good semi splashable card, Volcanic Shell, and a nice piece of removal, Blaze Accelerator.  The other support cards are severely lacking ESPECIALLY their boss monster who requires you to run a situational spell card that you have to first activate and it not get MST'd then also draw Volcanic Doom Fire and hope he survives the summon and battle phase.

There are few honorable mentions like Transmigration Prophecy and Metabo-Shark but neither one of them give you a draw 2 effect.  The names escape me at the moment, but I do believe that there are other cards that shuffle graved cards back to the deck, but again, they suffer the same problem as Metabo-Shark as they do not generate advantage.  This may all be part of Konami's grand scheme to force us to pick up "Secret Rare" copies of Pot of Duplicity when it is released in Shadow Specters.  The card is indeed interesting:

At the start of your Main Phase 1Target 3 monsters with different Types in your Graveyardshuffle all 3 of them into the Deck, then draw 2 cards. You cannot conduct your Battle Phase during the turn you activate this card.

The restrictions on this card are kind of Harsh, but at this point in the games progression, it may be the only thing to keep a card like this from being as busted or even more busted than Pot of Avarice was.  This card makes it so that you have to play multiples of several types of monsters and then wait a turn to reuse them at the cost of giving up your battle phase.  I really can't think of deck that would use several types of monsters and then willingly give up their battle phase.  I know that Mermails play Aqua, Fish, Sea Serpent, some number of Spell Casters (veiler), some number of Insects (Maxx "C"), but that deck wants to kill you asap and even when avarice was legal, it was hardly seen in decks in the last 2 formats...last format it was absent due to Tidal being a really good card.  In a Quasar type deck or some other spammy type deck, I could see this used, shuffling back your wombo-combo pieces if you can't put enough damage on board for game or they cleared your field, but other than that, skipping your battle phase would probably hurt since you wouldn't be able to turn the tide.  With all of that said, there is someone out there who will break this card and I await the day when that happens!

Dubkdad1 out.


  1. I think Duplicity really shines in Wind-Ups since there are a ton of different monsters to meet the requirments and they like having some monsters back in deck to search for Factory. Also they don't mind skipping the Battle Phase since they can go Volcasorus or Black Ship to get rid of a threat and do some burn.

    1. Good point, I really didn't consider that. I suppose in other decks, that have access to monsters with field clearing capabilities, then the battle phase would be less important. +1 to you sir!

  2. C'mon dubkdad1, plenty of decks can use this card. Especially, MY BUJIN DECK!!!

    1. AND!!!
      My new "Millennium Twilight" deck (shout outs to jwakid ofcourse)

  3. Constellars will really benefit from this card.

  4. Lavals and plant decks can use duplicity as well, although I wouldn't consider those competitive enough to shine

  5. I think one of the candidates that used this card was umbrals. With the umbral engine and the druid (spellcaster), you could play reptiles (kagetokage and masked chameleon) and anything else. Plus one quality about that deck people talk about besides its toolboxing is its amazing recovery rate. I was thinking fire fist plant synchro variant since you play lots of shit to the grave and can sit back on some back row and ready to explode with a rekindling play the next turn.


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