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Monday, April 5, 2010

Deck Doctor #1 - Light Drain

Hey guys, welcome to deck doctor.  My goal here is to try and help you make your deck more consistent while at the same time, trying to keep the spirit of the original build.  My card choices will be based on the deck creator's ability to obtain the cards, playability, and keeping within the creator's playstyle.  Let's take a look at tonight's build from SagetheBlackJoker:

**Yo D-man whats up r u good or are u MAD lol, u still geting the haters or what? Well as u can see im asking for help on this deck so this is it.

Light Drain

monsters 21

beast king barbaros 3
thunder king rai-oh 3
E hero aluis 3
reflect bounder 2
cyber dragon 2
majestic mech-ohka 2
honest 2
chainsaw insect 3
plaguespreader zombie 1

spells 10

book of moon 2
pot of avarice 2
forbidden chalice 2
burdon of the mighty 2
enemy controller 2


dimensional prison 2
reckless greed 3
defense draw 2
bottomless trap hole 2
skill drain 2
call of the haunted 1 **

Two things stand out to me immediately: 1) Some of the monster choices are not as optimal as they could be. 2) Plaguespreader Zombie should not be used in these types of decks. So let's start off by making the cuts.
- Reflect Bounder x 2
- Majestic Mech - Ohka x 2
- Chainsaw Insect x 3
I dropped these monsters because they have been proven to be unreliable in Skill Drain variants, even when Skill Drain was unlimited.  More times than not, Bounder can become a Liability, you will have Ohkas in hand with no skill drain in sight and ditto for Chainsaw (free cards are not good for your opponent).   Next, let's cut some spells.
- Pot of Avarice x 2
- Enemy Controller x 1
I dropped Pot of Avarice because there is no way to fill the grave fast enough to put even one of these to good use, let alone two.  And drawing these early game, when you would rather draw skill drain or a more useful card is just UGH!  Enemy Controller is a champion.  But it is best when you can use it's theft effect and there isn't really anything in this deck that we want to tribute off, so we are gonna get rid of them.  On to the trap line up.
- Reckless Greed x 3
- Defensive Draw x 2
- Call of the Haunted
Reckless Greed is not a stand alone draw engine.  It only provides advantage when you draw it in multiples and if you happen to get caught up in a Faultroll loop while under Reckless Greed....well GG.  Defensive Draw is a cute card that acts like a Kuriboh and lets you draw a card.  The only problem is that we want their monster gone, as long as we have 1 life point left, we can still win. Finally, we are just gonna drop call of the haunted because where we are going, it won't be necessary.
I am going to put a twist on the deck that will allow our deck creator to still pump out big beaters, synchro, and allow for big damage with honest.  Allow me to re-introduce you all to Light Zombie Drain:
Monsters: 18
2 | Beast King Barbaros 
2 | Honest
2 | Cyber Dragon
3 | Thunder King Rai-oh
1 | Plaguespreader Zombie

1 | Goblin Zombie ** edit 4/7/10** too good not to include
2 | Pyramid Turtle
2 | Paladin of Cursed Dragon
1 | Mezuki
1 | Majestic Mech - Goku En
1 | Card Trooper
Spells: 10
1 | Smashing Ground
1 | Heavy Storm
1 | Mystical Space Typhoon
2 | Book of Life
2 | Book of Moon
2 | Forbidden Chalice
1 | Brain Control

Traps: 12

3 | Dimensional Prison
2 | Skill Drain
1 | Starlight Road
2 | Bottomless Trap Hole
1 | Torrential Tribute
1 | Mirror Force
1 | Solemn Judgment
1 | Dust Tornado

What I have done is converted the deck into a stable, well tested zombie drain variant that can swarm and synchro out the wazoo. Card Trooper is an unsung hero in this new build.  Even when Skill Drain is active, we can still mill as a cost (no attack boost however) and it will still net you a card when it is destroyed and sent to the grave. The zombie engine gives us something that we were lacking in the original build: SPEED.  We can now thin our deck on our way to big beaters and at the same time making sure that we are drawing into spells and traps and not more monsters.  Goku En and Paladin are both light monsters that allow Honest to lend its busted power.  What I like about the new monster lineup is that once you get your zombie engine online, you have access to recursion thru Mezuki and Book of Life, Beatsticks in the form of Paladin and Goku En...both of which are searchable by Pyramid Turtle, and synchros with plaguespreader.

The spells are now suited to handle the conversion.  Forbidden chalice is still present as it is great when we don't have skill drain available and we happen to run into face down Rykos, Spies, and Hamsters.  It also WRECKS Stardust because its effect activates on the field.  So feel free to Chalice a Stardust and hope they tribute it after you play storm!

At last we come to the traps.  The original build was lacking protection for his various set ups so we are going to be running Starlight Road and Solemn Judgment.  Mirror Force was added as well because its freaking MIRROR FORCE.  I know that people are afraid of opposing Starlight Roads, so we added a dust tornado to pick those off.  Finally, Torrential Tribute was added to make sure we are not getting over powered.  Since the deck now has a powerful recursion engine, destroying our own monsters in the progress of killing theirs hurts a lot less than it should. 

I hope you like these fixes.  If you have any specific questions about combos and card choices, feel free to leave a comment down below.  If you would like your deck fixed, please send a PM to my YouTube inbox.



  1. Come on!
    Your start to be BAD dubkdad, BAD!
    1st. WTF are 1 Dust tornado doing, if you kan play you mst right you can take that card and put it up i your ass.
    its only reason then it MAYBE should be here is because of the last effect,but i will drop it(exept almoste every body on your local are playing more then 6 traps).

    2nd. Why Dimensional Prison, stardust isn't hard to get ride off, and there are better choice, drop all 3.

    now this is what you should put in.

    +1 Goblin zombie
    you have just say it, SPEED! come on
    +1 Burial
    Let give you an OTK potential where you dont need to have skill drain, because you don't always have it, and its so amassing in zombies.
    +2 Dark bribe
    Are you kidding me? Why not?

  2. @ Fuldsen. 1) Dust Tornado is amazing right now for picking off opposing Book of Moons, Starlight Roads, and Dimensional Prisons. 2) 3 Dimensional Prisons because the Deck that has been winning some of the Largest regionals around the country lately is Flamvell Synchro Cat. D Prison gets rid of Firedog and makes opposing Rekindlings dead. It also acts as a deterent for Blackwings and Gladiator Beasts. 3)Goblin Zombie could be added to the deck, I will admit room should be found for it. 4) Burial is trash when you just have 2 cards to return. Early game it is completely pointless because you aren't going to be able to make Explosive Plays like Diva Zombie did. 5) Why are we giving our opponent free cards with Dark Bribe? If we are running the deck correctly, we won't care if they waste resources killing our monsters with Torrential or Mirror Force because we can revive most of them with Mezuki or Book of Life. If they storm our set up, we have Solemn and Starlight Road.

  3. I like the zombie drain. i have to agree with the goblin zombie though. amazing. you dont need burial if you play goblin. he gets the job done.

    dark bribe is good in certain decks, but not in this drain deck. dark bribe is better in heavy control decks that are dependant on field advantage. This deck could play bribe, but its not too dependant on maintaing drain because of chalice. i would argue thats a player preference.

    tornado is amazing for life...as a rule. lol. how does one ask the question "why d prison?"...non comprende.

    cool deck doctor. maybe i will submit something. =]

  4. Wow. Fuldson's advice is only good if you want to play bad. You only have 1 MST, dude. You could easily go entire matches without drawing it, and trying to fight back from multiple backrow can screw even the best of players.

    Why would you drop Dust Tornados and Dimensional Prisons from this build? They're some of the best traps in the game right now.

  5. try a little city type build i ran it and went 6-1 at regionals captain gold skyscaper and royal oppresion

  6. Well, sir. You've yet again done what I thought couldn't be. I've shat bricks at how pro that deck looks compared to the Drain I'm running, and I haven't even tested your build. It looks so much smoother and literally pushes Zombies more than my own. My own is nice and Synchros fast, but I'll be damned if it doesn't hurt me in terms of the Synchro engine itself. It gives me times where I have to Synchro to put up a fight and doing so could put myself up in a bad place if they BTH or Prison or whatever method they may use against me. I give this deck a 9 out of 10 in my opinion. The only reason I don't find Paladin all that great is because if I remember his effect right, you can't snatch their monsters unless they are zombies, and since Zombie World has never really been a card to work well in competitive Zombie Decks [Not dissing the card, but it just doesn't seem to fit real well if you're doing it right and planning for regionals and the likes] Epic win, dubkdad1. Juuuust epic.

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