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Sunday, April 11, 2010

New and Revised Guidelines for the Yusei Format

I just would like to thank everyone for watching the Yusei Format duels on YouTube located on aznpersuasion2008's channel.  Now that the format is beginning to catch on we are going to relax the restrictions and see what types of creative builds can be made.

Yusei Format 2.0 Deck construction guidelines:

1)  All of the basic rules of the original game are in effect.

2)  No longer are decks restricted to Themes or Archetypes.

3)  Decks can contain any cards except those on the Forbidden, Limited, and Semi-Limited list.

Hopefully this will open the flood gates to a whole new level of creativity.  So brush off your Nobleman of Exterminations and Exiled Forces...its about to get REAL SERIOUS!  LOL!


  1. Man i was hoping to bust out a cyber dragon deck for this yusei format but most of the stuff is on the semi limited or limited lists. darn. O well

  2. Sounds really interesting. I'd love to play a few games with this format.

    This 'blogtv' box kind'a makes it hard to comment here. =p


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