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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rant, Rant, Rant #2

Here is another top 5 things I hate about Yugioh!!!

#5 - Getting paired up against your teammate. I cannot begin to tell you how often this happens. Statistically, it can happen, but when there are 100+ people at a given event, the odds should be pretty good that you won’t face a teammate.

#4 - Trading with BKs. This can go both ways. You can almost always get the PLUS out of the trade. For instance, trading your 1st ed Dark Armed for an Emmersblade and 2 Faultrolls. But most times, you end up trading with some random kid who has no cards in his binder worth more than $5, and you simply want their playset of Substitoads or couple of 1st Edition Water Arts. You show them your binder and they are only interested in Eatos, Mirror Force, etc. Then there are times when they only want to trade for an equal amount of cards REGARDLESS OF VALUE.

#3 - Getting Sacked!!! “Sacked” is a term to describe a situation when your opponent has the ONE card out of 40+ card deck that is the EXACT answer to the current situation. One of the reasons that I don’t play in our local tournaments is because there are so many times I am playing a person who is making misplay after misplay, yet I am drawing so horribly, I cannot capitalize on their mistake. Or even worse than that, your opponent opens the NUTTZ and thinks its skill. I played in a tourney once and my opponent went first and opened GK Spy, Solemn, Starlight Road, Royal Tribute, GK Commandant, and GK Steele. I opened QD, Lonefire, Tytannial, Caius x 2, Pot of Avarice. Game 2, I opened Ryko and Dust Tornado…He opens MST, Crossout, GK Assailant, Necrovalley, and Royal Tribute. It was my only loss of the day and he scrubbed out, but was happy as hell to tell people about how he outplayed me…

#2 - Netdecking. I have NO PROBLEM with people who want to run meta decks. I have no animosity towards people who want to go out and spend $$$ on a playset of Emmersblades or Infernity Barriers. My problem with netdeckers is if you are going to copy someone’s deck card for card, at least do them the justice of LEARNING TO USE THE DAMN DECK! Seriously. How many times, over the past few formats did you have to walk your opponent through the moves in order to beat you quickly when you could tell they had a ridiculous opening hand. I can recall a regional tournament when JD was still at 3, I dustshooted my opponent and they had triple Charge and Triple JD. I was just like, dude, it requires no thought…Play your Charges, mill 4 LS and drop the JDs. Why are wasting my time thinking about the play?

#1 - Fat, Smelly, Ugly, People! I have a secret to confess. I am allergic to Aluminum Stearate (anti-perspirant ingredient in deodorant). I am allergic to most of the different types of alcohols used in Deodorant. As a result, I have to use Hypo-Allergenic deodorant that contains none of the above. I also use powders to prevent perspiration. Anyone who knows me, knows that I like to dress NICE. People at SJC LA, saw a small taste of my epic Wardrobe…so you should know that I don’t like to sweat or get stinky. With all of this said, WHY IN THE HELL IS IT SO HARD FOR PEOPLE TO BATHE REGULARLY? If you know that you are going to a small card shop that is going to be overcrowded, wouldn’t you like to do yourself a favor and try to ensure that you don’t embarrass yourself by smelling like Ass Crack and Cheese by taking a bath and using deodorant? Come on people! I think those people believe that if they focus on a card game/video game, then social etiquette doesn’t apply to them. Here’s a tip, taking a break from your fantasy world to practice good hygiene is more important than topping an Event or achieving “General” status on Halo.

Tell me what you think and some of the things that drive you insane about the game of Yugioh!


  1. lol dubk. i agree to all.

  2. plus u were lookin pretty fly at sjc la

  3. I agree with the all of the above, and have had experience with most of it...

    Anyway, probably the one thing i hate about yu-gi-oh at the moment are the top broken decks.
    I'm talking about Frog FTK, X-sabers and Infernities. Nothing else, I respect all the other top decks that do well like monarch varients, blackwings, quickdraw etc.

    It was a nice format until TSHD came out. The imergance of Infernities and the brokenness that is XX-saber Darksoul, ruined the format.
    While i do realise it does take some skill and pratice to play these decks, (except Frog FTK, its dull, annoying and cheap to just play with yourself and win. Well thats what I think of most FTK decks...) but a deck that in the space of a few turns can have option to everything you do and kill everything you have without giving you a decent chance to fight back while gainning insane advantage at the same time (i'm looking at you X-sabers) just puts the deck in the league of its own...
    With also with infernities about (thank god its too expensive in NZ to get, i think there are only 4 inferitiy decks that showed up to nats) that can otk with 1 card. And if u dont have a counter your dead that turn.

    To me both these decks are LS/Zombie (in their prime) reincarnated.

    While it is a case of run X Y and Z to stop these decks, I just hate it that i have to sacrfice deck space and disturb the flow of my deck (a Quickdraw Varient), just in order to keep up with these decks.
    Its back to run X, Y and Z meta decks or run decks to counter X, Y and Z or your going to fail this format. There's no in between, which I hate.

    While i do understand that X-sabers needed support, and Infernities were going to get some cards from the Anime. Its no excuse to make such broken cards for the theme. To me XX-saber Darksoul is themed brokenness as would a GB version of honest with GB in its name, and darksoul would probably be more broke than that...

    I loved the first half of this format. Now I just feel like boycotting the rest until the Sept Banlist, where hopefully the brokenness gets hit. Hard. Or and emergency banlist would be great too. =D

    tl:dr I wish konami stopped printing such broken cards and ruining formats.


  4. i hate when people bitch about trading. they want the values to match exactly. im a reasonable person, i dont care if im losing like 5 dollars in a trade if im getting what i want, and everyone acts like such a crazy person with values and getting "even" trades. its not that big of a deal. geeze.

  5. hey you guys i just have gotten back in the yugioh scene and have watched a bunch of your videos much props to you guys but yeah...i was wonderin about this deck i made called quick junk stir fry kinda revolving around the quickplants or yusei hime..... yeah i know a awkward name but i was wonderin if i could get some tips/advice much appreciated and thx you guys for whatever feedback you give

    Deck List:
    3x Junk Synchrons
    2x quickdraws synchrons
    2x quillbolt hedgehogs
    3x tuningware
    3x cyber valleys
    2x synchron explorers
    1x sangan
    2x dandylion
    1x gale

    spell cards:
    1x mystical
    2x machine duplication
    1x reinforment of the army
    2x lightning vortex
    1x my body as a shield
    1x mind control
    1x brain control
    2x de-synchro
    1x scapegoat
    1x book of moon
    1x heavy storm
    1x foolish burial
    1x monster reincarnation
    1x gold sarcophagus
    1x the warrior returning alive
    1x giant trunade

    trap cards:
    2x royal decree
    2x threatening roars

    1x stardust dragon
    1x black rose
    2x junk destroyer
    2x junk archer
    2x nitro warrior
    2x drill warrior
    1x turbo warrior
    3x junk warrior
    1x armory aid

    once again if you guys could give me some feedback that would be great thanks alot


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