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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Why I Make Crazy Decks...

I get asked this question often. “Dubkdad, why bother making crazy decks, when you have the cards available to you to make any deck in the format?” My answer is simple and two pronged.
The first reason is that all of the meta decks are predictable and over time, are easily countered. Over a period of time, it leads to boring mirror matches and the duel becomes nothing more than who draws better. The second reason is Meta decks just don’t like me. I remember last summer at a regionals, I ran a standard Blackwing deck. In 8 rounds, I drew Whirlwind once and I never drew Sirocco. Most games I opened with weenies (ie Blizzard, Vayu, Kalut). The one time I opened Whirlwind, I had Bora and my body as a shield…guess what my opponent had facedown. Yup, Book of Moon. You see with a well constructed, well tested, original deck, you can catch most opponents by surprise. You cannot however expect to just throw together something. I really hate when people send me decks to be fixed and I can tell that they put ZERO thought into the card interactions. A prime example is running trying to a variant of Frogs while running cards like Dimensional Prison or Dark Bribe. When I am constructing a deck that I intend to make my primary deck, I usually base it off of a meta deck or at least the mechanics of a successful deck. My primary deck now is based off of Quickdraw Frogs. I’m sure many people know the basics of the build, however in my build, I include card choices that will ensure that the deck is fun and unique to me, yet consistent enough to last several rounds at a tournament.

Tell me what you think about creativity, while not sacrificing consistency. 


  1. I love it. Creativity isn't dead, believe it or not. Just the other day, i dueled the number two duelist on the WC'10 leaderboard and he had a kick ass Bad Reaction deck that killed me within a few turns. Its nice to see creativity in the game every now and again instead of the lazy stuff.

    For me, some meta decks work and some don't. Your fight club deck is amazing and got me to the top of my region at one point. I'm actually working on an off the wall deck right now that's a combination of wind and earth and focuses on either removing from play cards or bouncing them. i'll be sure to send you a list to hear your thoughts.

  2. I personal love considering myself orginal and creative. I have created a few decks that aren't even based on any other deck type. Even decks that have be used, like Volcanic Monarch, I changed dramatically and it thrown people off. For example, my previously stated VolMon. I didn't like how people only played two Volcanics (Rocket and Shell). so I spiced it up and started playing Scattershot, Slicer, and Wildfire and I loved it.


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