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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Is Yugioh still fun for you?

Personally, I still love the game, but I am getting really fed up with Konami making broken archetypes with GODLY amounts of support cards. 
How do you go from Koa'ki Meiru to Infernities?  Really?  Is it really that hard to make playable archetypes?  Something else that is getting on my nerves is that Konami doesn't give sufficient notice before they post the dates for events.  I'm sorry, but some people have to work and 1 month is not enough time to schedule off for an event.  Like the title says, sound off about your feelings about the game.


  1. I completely agree with you. I myself could have gone to the yugioh championship series had it not been posted on such short notice. Its because of this Konami bullshit that one of my team mates is thinking of getting out of the game. But to be fair, things aren't nearly as bad as they were when Phantom Darkness hit and turned the game upside down with those ultra powerful and ultra expensive cards.

    like it or not, what really is hurting the game is "the bottom line". like it or not, Konami makes good money with this game which is exactly why they never released the light and dark structure decks. "why release those decks when we can release their exclusive cards as secret rares and make even more money?" all in all, though, yugoih is still fun for me. as long as my friends are around, i can still have fun with the game. but there is a fine line between fun and competitive. unfortunately, we really can't have both these days.

  2. i really dont have any fun anymore. i thought this format would be better but i underestimated the power of infernities. im playing a chain burn deck from now on just because i dont even care about this format anymore yet i still do ok at locals

  3. I still love this game to my core, every format brings forth a new challenge, weather it be infernities, or XX-sabers striving to make your own deck whether you use mainstream or anti-meta its always a challenge and each set can change the game!

  4. I still find yugioh itself to be fun...but competitive play makes it less fun. I kinda miss the sacky days of crap decks.
    But its not even that, i like being good at the game and having an efficient and good deck, like a dark magician turbo. But that deck has no chance at a tournament because of all the stupid broken archetypes. I thought things might be different after lightsworns, but i was mistaken...=[

  5. You know, I would be ok with infernity if the others were still at full power. You let me play lightsworn with all my lumina, 3 JD, and 3 honest then infernity might be in trouble. Give me TeleDad with a few DAD and all the other cards we would be cool. Give me blackwing with 3 Gale we'd be cool. If infernity takes off, they will have to limit the deck back into a reasonable level or let lightsworns, Teledad, and the others have full support again. I love locals because you get to see some of the most inventive decks that are fun to play, yet would never see at SJC because they are not a powerhouse deck.

  6. Honestly, the game is really fun for me still. I agree with the broken archetypes every format being a pain... what I'd like to see, is a format come around where infernities, chain burn, machina, blackwing, lightsworn, gladbeast, spellcasters, counter-fairies, sabers, etc. are all on an equal level. Yes, certain decks will anti other decks, but this is what side-decks were created for. It would add to the diversity of the decks seen in the end-game, and make the game that much more enjoyable.

  7. Ima going to hav to agree with u dubk way to much new stuff coming like dragunity i wonder if that will be any good and there isnt enough anti meta stuff in my opion

  8. Konami should give more notice or even update the site. I mean the U.K site has not even been updated with shining darkness.

  9. for next format, konami either has to kill the big decks with the ban list, or make some new support cards for the smaller, yet more fun decks.


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