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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Where are the Videos?!?!

Sorry guys, I've been super busy these last few days.  I've been working extra hours because we are moving soon.  I plan on uploading a couple of videos in the next few days.  Let me know if you would still like to see my Frog OTK and Koa'ki Meiru decklists.  I'm also working on Randomness #11 - Hater Bob and Steve Returns, just gotta finish up the editing.  That video will be released when Randomness #10 hits 8000 views.  Next, I would like to thank everyone for 7700 subscribers.  Never could I have imagined that there would be so many people out there who would like my channel.  I will continue to try and provide entertainment for as long as I'm able to.


  1. i'd definitely like to see your frog deck list.

  2. Your moving house? where to? will it affect the team? I hope not.

    Its understandable that your busy with moving, heck i've moved house alot. :P

    But yea if you do find the time i'd be interested in seeing the frog and Koa'ki Meiru decklist. Especially Koa'ki Meiru decklist. :)

  3. I'm interested in the frog otk, getting the needed componates of what I think it needs to be in the next week or so.


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