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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

YCS Chantilly - Yugioh Premier Event

WTF?!?  Machina Gadgets...really?  I LOL'd IRL when I read about Machina Gadgets winning the 1st YCS after all of the hype behind XX Sabers and Infernities.  Who would've thought that a $45 deck would wreck decks costing at least 4 times as much? 
This just goes to show you that the game is still wide open and no particular deck has the Format on lock.  XX Sabers and Infernities both lose to good side decking or if the player draws really bad hands.  I'm really glad that even with the representation of the HYPE decks was overwhelming, good ole Gadgets pulled it off.  All of you who believed that Infernities were the God tier ala Tele DAD, I have one question...You Mad?

So after reading all of the coverage and feature matches and lurking on the forums, I've compiled a list of what I feel to be competitive decks.

Frogs - won Swiss Nationals...nuff said!
QD - Yusei Fudo gets it done and it gets better with Junk Destroyer
Gadgets - One for One removal and persistence has proven to be a winning combination
Blackwings - Not enough people play the deck, but it runs outs to every deck in the format
Infernities - Spend a Gazillion $$ if you want, I'd rather save my $$ and play a cheaper deck and have the same amout of succes
XX Sabers - See Infernities, LOL

Tell me what you think about how the format has shaped up.  In a few weeks, we get a few more surprises in the Duelist Toolbox, then later on with Gold Series 3 and Hidden Arsenal 3, we recieve a bunch of new bustedness...tell how you feel about that as well.


  1. I LOL'd aswell when i heard.
    Its good to know that the infernities are not teir 0 as everyone thought they'd be. Also good to know that X-sabers aren't as frightening either lol.

    Never the less they are still a force to be reckoned with. and players will be defeated by these decks if not properly prepered.

    I have Nationals in NZ on the 5th of june. Just in time for Junk Destroyer when he's released on the 1st. I'll be running Quickdraw Plants, with 2 D.D. Crows mained and more RFG stuff sided, as most of the predicted top decks get hurt by Crow, which is also recyclible with Drill Warrior ^^ .

    It was either that or GB, and I wanted to run something different for a change, but i'm not 100% sure, cause I have much more experience with glads and this will be my first nats, and its open nats so no regionals.

    Heck I havent even been to a regionals yet. I restarted this game last year after regionals/nats finished. :P
    But i've been to a fairly big tourney at armageddon last year and when X-2 with GBs, 1 round was lost cause i couldn't get into the venue on time due to the long line, (i was there an hour early and was still 20mins late lol).

    This has given me hope that players using FTKs and expensive decks won't neccessarily be winning. :)

  2. I have a sudden urge to play machina gadgets...lol.

    im looking forward to the DT stuff. im not sure if i want to build anything out of them, but i like the cards. i do like the light feinds. fiends have so many busted snycros now. lol.

  3. Frogs are ridiculous, especially Mass Driver FTK's. I got FTK'd last week, because he got Mass Driver, Swap Frog and Substitoad in his hand and he went first.

    Machina's are pretty sick, considering they came out of a structure deck. I mean, they've been winning a good bit in the last couple of months.

    Well, Gotta get ready for Regionals in Augusta this Saturday. Fissure Glads FTW

  4. i see Machina Fortress getting limited or banned in the near future seeing as how Konami can't make as much money with such a cheap card. why? BKSS (because konami said so)


  6. Machina has MAD OTK power. I had 2 Books set and he still OTK'd on me.

    He Gearframe,
    I book gearframe
    He discards 2 fortress for fortress
    Discard Force for fortress
    He activates limiter removal
    I book a fortress
    he solemns it


  7. mackenley saitn-clair is back in the game


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