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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Death of QD Plants **que Taps**

Bad news guys, DECK is DOA... There are simply not enough ways to deal with the mass synchro spamming that XX Sabers and Infernities are capable of without DRASTICALLY changing the way the deck looks.
 And when you get down to it, the massive amount of tweaks done to the deck dramatically decrease the consistency of the deck. I've tested the deck OVER AND OVER AND OVER again against the two decks and the same things kept occuring:
VS Infernities

- Mass synchro spamming
- On the occasions I had TKR (which I mained), my teammate would just synch anyway because the deck is still capable of putting 5 synchros on the field...more than enough for game
- On the occasions my teammate didn't have the otk, he had Barrier to lock down any type of comeback I could muster.
VS XX Sabers

- Mass synchro spamming
- Book of moon wrecks TKR
- Hand discard loop is just viscous is undoubtedly this decks achilles heel.
- Even if you DD Crow a vital piece of the combo, BIG ASS beaters like Faultroll, Hyunlei, and Boggart are just too easy to put on the field
- The deck runs just as much PROTECTION as QD does. So while I was busy trying to disrupt his plays, I could barely focus on my plays because he could disrupt just as easily.

It was fun while it lasted, but for now, its time to put the deck in storage until Junk Destroyer. I feel that with just this one synchro, QD gains the ability to steal games. The deck needs one card outs, and 1 Blackrose ain't doing it.


  1. man, i know the feeling. its disappointing as hell. its the same with me and my Ojamas.

  2. Dark Simorgh would help against Infernities. If you can drop it before they set their hand, you can basically win the game. If they're not handless, they can't do anything.

    As for X-Sabers, you could try Side Decking Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World. It also works with Drill Warrior as an alternative discard to Dandylion.

  3. Also along with junk destroyer comes scynhron explorer.
    Combo with a quickdraw in grave and a token /treeborn frog, 1 card access to junk destroyer.

    Not to mention that you could tech in a level eater or 2 for tribute fodder, more synchro options and and extra card for junk destroyer to blow up.

    as siding goes, i'll probably max out on dust tornados, test chaos holes and intercept wave.
    probably work trying intercpet wave against x-sabers aswell.

    Might be even worth trying to find some tricks that QD Plants can use while oppression is up.
    Treeborn will work quite happily in the main, so siding into a more monarch varient with oppression and battle fader maybe worth a try.

  4. Inevitably, against infernity we'll have to resort to the out that Konami put into the set: synchro ejection. I mean there's a chance that the card that the draw from ejection is just another archfiend (and we're screwed anyways) but it's as good as dark bribing the gun.


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