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Friday, September 23, 2011

Leeching the Light

Congrats are definitely well deserved for Billy Brake for finally bringing home the Title!  It was absolutely hilarious that he won the match using Leeching the Light.  It's kind of funny how crappy foils, rares, and commons seem to find their way into playability.  From Mind Control during the Gladiator Beast Format, Royal Oppression during the DAD Return Format, Puppet Plant last format, and now Leeching the Light.

LOL!  With one card you can turn a field of Scapegoat Tokens, Fluff Tokens, or a Spore into a Fierce fight machine.  I don't think this card is that bad as many people do just because it is mainly used against 1 match up: Fairies.  In my opinion that match up deserves a few slots specifically dedicated to it.  If your deck can easily spam monsters that don't match the attack power of Hyperion or Kristya, then this card is pretty bad ass!  Most people will just opt to use Smashing Ground as its use is more versatile against different match ups, which is also a good idea.  I suggest you find room for both cards.  Look at it this way.  If you are in the mirror match and the opponent drops Kristya against your field of Gachi Gachi Gentetsu, Shine Ball, and Venus,  you could easily win the game by pumping all of your monsters to 2800+ atk.  If you are running plants and have a field of Sangan brought out by Tour Guide and maybe a Fluff token.  Obviously, that Kristya is going to smack that Tour Guide.  If you summon Tengu on the following turn, switch everything to atk position, then activate Leeching the Light you could Swing Sangan over Kristya (in case they had the Honest) for 1k damage, then atk with the Fluff token for 2800 damage, then finally Tengu for 4500 damage.  Add it up: 1000 + 2800 + 4500 = GfG Sir!

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