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Friday, September 23, 2011

Tech Choices for the Format

Plants win yet another YCS. Makes me damn proud because as you all know I've been a plant player since Dandylion was at two copies per deck.  As excited as I am about the results of Toronto, I cannot allow myself to forget that Agents are a HUGE contender this format before the release of Dark Worlds.  I have to ask myself what are my options in combating both Agents and soon Dark Worlds. 

  Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer is a beast.  I like the card simply because it beats up on poor Reborn Tengu.  In the mirror, vs Agents and Dark Worlds, this card is just so amazing in many aspects.  In the mirror, hitting Dandylion, Spore, Bulb, and Light monsters (plant variants often run very few Light attributes) can shut down so many plays for your opponent.  His continuous effect makes sure that BLS isn't summoned from the Hand and Spore isn't summoned by effect from the Grave.  Against Darkworlds, hitting "graved" Graphas can be HUGE!  As many people have found out the way that Darkworlds primarily win is by constantly reviving Grapha and poking for 2700 - 3000 at a time while slowly eating away at their opponents resources.  Well, if you can shut down that vicious your chances of winning that game drastically increase.
  As good as a card as Kycoo is.  It does indeed have it's drawbacks that you must consider when using him.  Most importantly, he uses a normal summon that often time could be spent on a play like summoning Tour Guide, Venus, or Earth.  Timing is the key to playing Kycoo.  Just putting him on the board is not accomplishing a whole lot because he can smacked around by a Venus boosted by Gachi Gachi or simply by a Darkworld player summoning Fabled Raven and ditching Grapha for its effect.  Also, Kycoo gets beat by the next card:

  When I was looking at some of the decklists of Toronto I was so surprised to see this at 2 copies in many of the decks.  I know that TKR is a solid card, but I always viewed it as a card that needs protection to use effeciently, much like Kycoo.  I obviously overlooked one key thing:  The card was not ran to promote the effectiveness of the deck it was in.  It was ran to limit the opponents options, while at the same time giving you an opportunity to set up for a series of killer plays.  Think about it, if you go first and summon this vs the Agent match up.  They are hard pressed to do anything.  Dualities are dead, Earth is dead, and any boss monsters in hand are liable to be negated if they are summoned by their Inherent effects.  Their best play to clear TKR is too summon Venus, hope the summon is successful, then pay 500+ for Shine Balls, then hope it isn't veiler'd.  Next, they can make Gachi Gachi Gentetsu and either force TKR to negate GGG or run over TKR with Venus' boosted attack stats.  Would you really want to waste a Dark Hole or Honest to clear TKR?  Looking at the card as a hinderance to your opponent you can see how the use of TKR has evolved, at least in my eyes.
  This card is just so so vs Darkworlds.  You can effectively shut down Snow's effect and negate the summon of Grapha from the grave as that is an Inherent summon (summoning procedure just like DAD or JD, this is because it does not start a chain).  The problem with those cards is that the opponent can just set up discard effects that will resolve in such a way to nuke TKR and allowing Snow to resolve.  Or in the case of Grapha reviving from the grave, they can just do it again the following turn after TKR has sent himself to the grave.
  Both Kycoo and TKR are going to see increased play over the next few months.  Some people will find success and many will not.  That is the thing about Yugioh.  There are counters for everything, you just have to be lucky and play your counter at a time when your opponent doesn't have an answer.  If you have any cards you'd like me to review, leave a comment down below and I'll look into it!

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