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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Welcome to the NEW FORMAT GAIZ!

What are you going to run this format?  Are you going to retool your old deck to fit the new format, innovate something new, or are you going to wait and figure out what you can netdeck after Torronto?

  In my opinion none of the decks from last format are dead except Formula Monarchs because thier primary tuner, Fishborg was banned and their secondary tuner, Formula was limited.  Powerhouses like Plants, Six Sam, GKs, and TGs were severely damaged in their playability, but they are still very much playable. 

  If I had to choose the early deck to beat for this format, I would say Agents without a doubt.  The deck has so many Boss Monsters, searching options, special summon tricks, and can randomly open OTK type hands with no way to stop it. Coming a close second to Agents are Offering Gadgets.  The ability to drop multiple XYZ monsters and synchros in a turn is just too good.  In the testin I've done, Zombies are a very viable deck, but have way too many passive plays to be able keep up with Agents and just lose to a standard Gadget Conversion Side Deck.

  Controlled aggression is what this format is calling for at the moment.  This is evident by the Banning of Oppression, the limiting of Storm, and the Unlimiting of MST.  Fabled would be an amazing deck to run this format if not for the Limiting of Pot of Avarice.  This means that all of your synchro climbing will be wasted because you won't be able to use valuable resources.  Lightsworn are incredibly deadly now with Judgement Dragon unlimited, Tragoedia and Necro Gardna semi-limited, and Black Luster Soldier limited.  Just like Agents, the deck can open with absolute Nuts and splooge Boss Monsters all over your chest.  Luckily, Charge of the Light Brigade is still limited, so the deck will always have that degree of inconsistency.

  What would I run this format?  I would probably run Karakuris with Dimensional Fissure in the maindeck to prevent your monsters from getting hit by Veiler the turn you combo.  The deck can set up Turn 1 Naturia Beast plays better than any other deck in the current format, which is important if you don't have the Dimensional Fissure to combo that turn.  You can just set up with Naturia Beast protecting you from Dark Hole, Heavy Storm, and any other troublesome spells.  You can also set up Turn 1 Landoise to keep Tour Guide from doing its thing as well.  Just keep in mind that Dimensional Fissure prevents both Naturia from using their effects, so you will have use timing to keep it all together.  The best thing though about the deck is the Price! 

  You know that I can't end this article without talking about my Favorite deck, Quickdraw!  This deck combines all of the things necessary to compete in the early stages of the format.  It has mass special summoning power, lots of destructive plays, the ability to run Boss Monsters, and has the speed to match or outpace any other deck in the meta right now.  I won't go into detail at the moment because I am currently testing for the next regional.  I will only say that Drill Warrior is a very underated card right now.  Recurring a veiler'd TourGuide, a Warning'd Black Luster Soldier, or Gorz is game breaking.


  1. might want to do a vid on this. Tour Guide Engine's Sangan antics, as well as Tengu antics, are dead. http://www.konami.com/yugioh/articles/?p=3195

  2. Karakuris are boss. They are one of the few builds out there that are a good combination of fun and competitive, but not super cheap. They will get a good duel out of anyone just so long as they don't get a super sacky hand (ie, first turn double Bureido). However, there is really no telling what this format will bring. We have dinosaurs making a potential come back with the wicked Evol archetype that has some good synergy with Jurracs. We are also slowly getting more and more water support. And thanks to the new ruling, Xyz have truly added a new dimension to the game without breaking it like synchros did.

  3. hey dubkdad1. What do you think about adding 2 dark valkyria insteed of tour guide into your agent deck you showed in the video about them in your decks to look out for series.
    I know the card is not realy great but fairy with dark nature is at least half decent when you try to run a bls and cant afford tour guide.
    They have 1800 atk which isnt too bad.
    So do you think this could work?

  4. I'm running a Mystic Piper Deck for the format!

    In testing, it's done fabolous. It has the best anti-OTK power in the game (3 faders, 2 trag, 1 gorz. Possibility of side decking scarecrows) and has outstanding distruptial ability (Veiler and crow) added with some neat stuff like a consistent draw power (Piper, Duality, Allure) 2500 beater off the bat (tour guide), a lot of graveyard/banish abuse (Kinka byo, dim alchemist, leviair) + amazing little tricks to baffle out your opponent (Creature swap) AND tremendously good access to chaos boss monsters (1 BLS, 1 Caius, 2 Sorcs)

    Top that with the fact that im running just one trap (Dustshoot) so all your heavy and MST are dead draws, and you got my deck for the format.

  5. might do a nordic/fairy/agent variant


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