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Monday, August 22, 2011

Playtesting vs Theory-oh

So I'm sitting behind my computer screen checking out other people's opinions on the new Sept 1st forbidden/limited list.  First thing I notice is that almost everyone is saying the same damn thing...verbatim!  LS are gonna be broken,  Zombies are broken, Heavy Storm back means that people aren't gonna set a bunch of backrow cards now, Mind Crush is at two so noa I rek some nubs, blah, blah, blah...

  The sad thing about all of this is that almost all of the commentary was based on Theory-oh and not actual playtesting.  Obviously, everyone could make the same conclusions about what they think the format would be by looking at the List, but it's not until you ACTUALLY test that you can see to what degree a certain deck will be good.  You see, this is why I waited until the list came out and actually built a few decks to test under the new List in order to make a more proper analysis of the format to come.
  Here are just some things I observed from 4 days of playtesting:

  • Black Luster Soldier wins games and can literally be splashed in any deck running TGU, Sangan, and Veiler
  • Heavy Storm is just one card.  People will still set a 2+ cards with bribe and road to protect it, so don't think that you should just run Monster heavy line ups without fear.
  • Agents are an incredibly consistent deck.  You don't run enough Veilers to stop all of its momentum building plays.  Venus -> Shine Ball x 3, Earth -> Venus, Hyperion -> rapefest, Krystia -> gang rapefest.  Even that lil fucker, Hoochi Gucci Gentetsu gets in there because he allows Venus to beatdown Tengus.  Herald of Orange is card that will make you cry!
  • Lightsworn are still inconsistent as ever IF you choose to stick to conventional wisdom and attempt to run a pure build.  The deck has to evolve.  Just because you have BLS and a 3rd JD doesn't mean you can just throw them into you old deck.  Konami still didn't give us - not that I felt they should have - another Lumina and Charge of the Light Brigade.  So the deck still lacks ways to mill which is important in dropping the boss monsters. 
  • Tragoedia is a gift and a curse.  I think that Konami sensed that the players were going to try to play uber aggro since Storm came back and Oppression went away, so to "even" things out they gave us another Trag.  Awesome...  Any deck with a decent draw engine and runs many different levels of monsters can now commit nothing to the field and drop a Big Ass 3k atk Trag and then steal your shit...even XYZ with it so you don't get it back for a long time.
  • Stock up on Number 17 Leviathan Dragon the way you did Goyos and Stardust back in the day.  The card is huge and will retain its value the way Stardust has.  The thing I like best about Leviathan is that it trades with Stardust, Shi En, and Barkion and it kills Orient Dragon and Librarian.  Opponents used to feel safe making that 1st turn Librarian thinking you would have to synchro to get over it, thus giving them more cards, but Leviathan cancels that.
  I still have lots more testing to do.  I want to thoroughly test Zombies and I want to test Karakuris again.  I think there are lot of sleeper decks out there waiting to be busted open.  Tell me what you think.


  1. I am beyond happy to see BLS back right when I finally completed my Alien Synchro Chaos deck(or AreA SyKO as i've come to call it). Personally, though, I don't see it having as much pull as it did back in the day seeing as how there are a TON of ways to stop him now. Still, if you play him like I do (as a reserve), he can win games consistently.

  2. Thanks for all the recommendations. I absolutely love how you are always going against the grain (or Against the wind http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Against_the_Wind if you prefer). Jokes aside, great original videos and thoughtful blog posts.

  3. Lovely analysis and I agree with all points


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