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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cards I Miss, But Are Too Broken To Ever Come Back part 1

What are some of your favorite cards of all time?  If you are like me, the damn card is probably banned...and more than likely it deserved it's banned status.  To the newer players or less competitive players, understanding the Restricted status of cards is difficult.  This can be attributed to the fact that they either did not play the game in the card's prime, therefore don't have recurring nightmares of it's brokeness.  Or for whatever selfish reason, they just want to run the card because it's cool.  In today's article, I'll discuss my Monster of All Time:


I used to try to put this FUCKER in everything!  If there was ever was a two tribute monster you wanted to draw, this was one of them.  Spell recovery has always been good yugiohs.  A spell-fetching card attached to a 2800atk/2600def body with the ability to BANISH anything it matched or beat in battle is just icing on the cake.  Ontop of that, it banished itself, allowing it to be reused a multitude of ways:

I remember the Goat Format (triple scapegoat, metamorphosis, Thousand Eyes Restrict, etc).  You could basically FTK your opponent by opening with the Trinity.  Your first turn would look something like this if you won the die roll:
First, play Pot of Greed, draw Ring of Destruction and DMoC.
Then, play Graceful Charity, Draw Sinister Serpent, Premature Burial, and Deliquent Duo.  Discard Serpent and DMoC
Next Play Duo. 
Finally, Play Premature Burial targeting DMoC and depending on what info you can gather from your Duo play, you can either fetch Pot of Greed or Duo to further annoy your opponent.


During Airblade and DAD Return format this card was still stupid with all of the Power Cards you could recover like Allure of Darkness, Dimension Fusion, Reborn, Reasoning, Monster Gate, Vortex, etc.  Even now, this card would see play despite the lower number of Power Cards it could retrieve.  The uber high attack power, the ability to banish monsters, and the spell recovery would break any deck he would fit in. Don't think for a second that Necrovalley and Effect Veiler would hamper this guys playability either.  It is really still too easy to spam this guy: From the "deck" Foolish Burial/Armageddon Knight/Grepher -> Reborn/Call of the Haunted, Monster Gate/Reasoning, "double tribute" treeborn and fishborg, and Hidden Armory/Power Tool Dragon gets you D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation.  I wish it weren't so, but DMoC is truly broken and he is an FTK Enabler on so many fronts which we all should know by now are not good for the game. 
Comment below and tell me some of the cards you miss.  Next time I talk about this topic, I'll tell you about one of my favorite spell cards.


  1. DMoC was and is indeed to powerful to be used in the game. Although I myself do not "hate" to have to miss him lol. My all time favorite card was and is Cyber Dragon. I remember this card being limited due to Monarch spamm, and this card was just the engine that kept the machine going. No it finally came back and it just rippes Gadgets, Karakuri's apart while always beeing a backrow trigger. Just a good and balanced card. As for my favorite banned card I would shamefully have to say Rescue Cat, but it's banned just like ti should be.

  2. I would love to see you do an article on the envoys next. As for what I'd love to see come back, it would be Cyber Jar. One dark hole and two and a half pot of greeds in one card

  3. I wont talk about cards I miss but rather my favourite card as the title indicates. So, I've never cared that much for busted plays. And therefor I tend to favour cards which are more fun (for me) to play rather than overpowered cards which gives instant plusses. A recent exammple: I came across a decklist on the internet from a Japanese tournament. Someone had topped with a falcon deck. I immediatly took interest in this fascinating deck idea and build it on further and tweaked it according to how I like it. After much testing and tweaking, I can now say with ez that Mist Valley Falcon is my favourite card, atleast as of late. I'll list my favourite things about it:

    -2k attack, which gets over most of the anti-meta cards (namely Rai-oh)
    -It bounces something when it attacks for future reuse. For example cards such as Swords of Revealing light, Red Screen, Fiendish Chain, Safe Zone, Big Bang Shot, Call of the haunted and many more.
    -It's a continious effect, thus it never activates. Which means it cant be negated by stuff like Chariot, divine wrath etc.
    -Winged Beast, so it works with Icarus and is searchable with Swallow's nest.

    And its sexy as hell :P

  4. I cant tell you how much I love dmoc. I got a box of invasion of chaos when i was little for 15 at a 711 and i got levathin and dmoc in my box and I swear, I have always been the best among my friends since. I miss dmoc sooooo much. lol

  5. My faveorite card is the trap. Ring Of Destruction. Just the Dual nature of this card, control, and burn, is amazing. If only there was no Barrel Behind the Door and such...


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